the White house intends to suspend the issuance of several types of temporary work visas, the sources said, The New York Times (NYT) and CNBC. A draft has already been prepared by the administration of President Donald trump.

According to the NYT, employers will be harder to hire foreigners. The restrictions may relate visas H-1B (for programmers and other skilled workers), L1 (for managers), H-2B (seasonal workers) and J-1 (exchange program).

the Administration of President can explain the prohibitions by the growth of unemployment against the background of the pandemic coronavirus. The document envisages a ban on new visa and will not apply to already issued.

the White house did not deny and confirm information. “Today I have nothing to declare for this reason. We are aware of reports, but there are no announcements,” said press-Secretary US President kaylie Makineni to reporters.

Mr trump, in April signed a decree on the temporary suspension of immigration to the United States. He explained it is a guarantee that unemployed Americans will be first in line to work.