NEW YORK, June 20. /TASS/. the American company’s Dreyer’decided to change the name of your brand Popsicle, not to humiliate the Inuit — a group of indigenous peoples living in the territories of Greenland, the canadian Nunavut, Alaska and Eastern Chukotka Autonomous district. This was reported on Friday in its electronic version of the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

It refers to Elizabeth Marquez chief marketing officer Dreyer’s, which is a subsidiary of the Swiss Nestle. “We are committed to achieving racial equality and consider the term pejorative” she said, referring to the sweet dessert Eskimo Pie, which is a layer of ice cream between two sides in the cake and drizzled with chocolate.

According to the newspaper, this product was invented in 1920 Christian Nelson and confectioner Russell Stover. They patented their invention in 1922, and then sold the company in the Wake of rising popularity of ice cream in the United States. The company was purchased Dreyer’s in 2007.

Such changes-branded in the fight against discrimination has already happened earlier. In particular, such has been the fate of parboiled rice is Uncle Ben’s Mars and syrup for pancakes Aunt Jemima beverage manufacturer PepsiCo.

Streaming service HBO Max temporarily removed from the catalog available for watching movies the Oscar-winning picture “gone with the wind” (Gone with the Wind, 1939).

the film Adaptation of the novel by Margaret Mitchell, later decided to return to the directory, but with a note about the need to consider the historical context and detailed analysis of doubtful fragments.