Almost every fourth Russian (24%) reacted to the news about the opening of borders after the fashion industry, with enthusiasm, and every second Respondent treats it indifferently, reports RT. The survey was conducted by service for travel planning OneTwoTrip, and it was attended by 2,300 people. This negatively to the opening of the borders after the quarantine measures, treated 26% of respondents.

Turkey is a traditional summer vacation spot for many Russians, and now there are ready to fly 7.4 per cent. Yet the same respondents with choice still undecided, and 80% in the country to relax not plan to.

the UK is also open air and there is ready to buy tickets is 6% of survey participants. While 5% are in meditation, and 14.5 per cent, if fly, not this year.

the Third is open for Russians country, far away Tanzania, and were considered attractive as much as 11.5% of respondents. While 17% believe the country is “too exotic”. Perhaps affected by the cost of tickets there – 56 thousand roubles in one party.