“we expect the vaccine will be covered by the budget,” explained ant.

For this vaccine against the new coronavirus should be introduced in the national calendar of preventive vaccination, as was done a few years ago with the flu shot. From first planted for free only at risk – children, the elderly, patients with certain chronic diseases. And people of working age were inoculated either by the employer or paid for it yourself. After a few years ago introduced a massive free vaccination of all population groups, the percentage who made the vaccine was able to raise to 70 percent in high-risk groups and less than 50 per cent of the General population, as a result, in recent years, managed to avoid severe epidemics of influenza in Russia.

as for new infections, earlier the Minister informed that the widespread vaccination of certain risk groups (health professionals working with COVID-patients) can start already in the second half of August-September. today, he adjusted the timeline, saying that the mass vaccination will begin in October.

the Minister also recommended earlier in the upcoming autumn-winter season, be sure to get vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcus – this will reduce the risk of getting the flu and pneumonia and, consequently, will increase the chances of a mild case of the disease in case of infection with coronavirus.