The reform of 2000, when the heads of regions and legislative assemblies in the Federation Council was replaced by "professional" senators, ensured cleanliness in the implementation of the key constitutional principle of separation of powers, said to RIA Novosti on Wednesday the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed 5 August 2000 a new law "On the procedure of forming the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation". The document came into force on 8 August 2000. Earlier in the upper house of Parliament was composed of the heads of regions and heads of legislative assemblies of subjects of the Russian Federation, which was additionally assigned the duties of a Senator. Now each subject of Federation in the upper house represent two men: Senator Senator Executive and the legislature.

"a critical choice: how to be the Federation Council, who should work in it – the governors and heads of legislative assemblies or their representatives – were made 20 years ago. I think that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, making – in the first weeks after his inauguration in may 2000 the State Duma of the corresponding law, was guided by purely practical considerations," said the legislator.

According to Matvienko, of course, collecting in the Federation Council, "top" regional elites, "we have increased its representativeness". But all that only mattered in the days of the meetings, said the speaker.

"For the Governor, the head of the regional legislature, no matter how they tried to be "full" senators, however, the Federation Council was the main place of work and therefore all their efforts. They just have not been able to penetrate, for example, in the work of the Committee, and being considered by the house of laws. Their regional problems in any case, was at the forefront" – said the politician.

In addition, the "reformatting" the Council of the Federation "ensured cleanliness in the implementation of the key constitutional principle of separation of powers," said Matvienko. "the approval of the governors – the representatives of the Executive authorities – Federal laws, strictly speaking, looked legal nonsense" – said the MP.

According to her, the act of 5 August 2000 provided a process of forming the chamber in which the representatives of regions in Federation Council has appeared on a regular basis.

"I believe "professional" Senator laid out the maximum in the upper house of Parliament. It is not elective, not a part-time job is a separate type of political activity that requires special skills. Over the past 20 years we have seen how effective this system is in all senses" said SPIK��R.

Moreover, the fact that the Federation Council has become a recognized platform for the promotion of people who showed themselves at the Federal level, "another proof of the correctness of the decision taken two decades ago," concluded Matvienko.