The sharks comfortably to live where they do not hunt

Specialists natural areas HPBW “Mospeada” were often recorded facts of occurrence in the parks of the city Fox. This happens during the day. The animals become less afraid of people. In the “Mospeada” advised how to behave when meeting with the foxes. On this edition of “News of Moscow” have informed in a press-service of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection of Moscow.

This season several litters of Fox cubs were spotted in the Park “Kuzminki-Lyublino” and Biruliovsky forest Park. In addition, the Fox was seen in the southern administrative district, SEAD, yuzao, ZAO, HLW and the New areas of the capital.

The presence of foxes in city parks due to the experts just. Nobody hunts here foxes have no enemies in nature and is easy to find food at any time of the year. But this year, because the isolation was so quiet without a large number of people and dogs. Foxes mainly eat small rodents, and in the city, even in parks, it is sometimes possible to get hold of and food waste.

Seeing a Fox in the Park, don’t be afraid that it may be rabid. Animal it may just have to get used to close human presence. In addition, an infected Fox difficult to meet in parks where they are regularly fed layouts with the vaccine. But close contact with a predator is not worth it. They carry other diseases. Such as brucellosis, leptospirosis, ringworm.

Fox first has not been attacked, so first of all no need to provoke them to come closer, trying to Pat or feed. It is not to make any sudden movements. The safest method is to stand quietly, while the Fox runs away. If it does not, then do not stand back to her, but not look into the eyes of the animal. Leave the meeting place slowly and backwards.

If contact took place or Fox you are bitten, you should immediately consult the doctors.