Matthew, where now it is better to hike with the kids to go? Probably, the Kuban and Karelia?

Matvey Shparo: Visits to Karelia and Krasnodar Krai is postponed till Aug. And until the situation becomes clearer, we will continue to develop online TV #propagat. On its basis not only teach students the science of travel, but also to successfully conduct exciting and educational events. Look at us as adults.

you, probably, miss real Hiking? How can the tourist sit in one place?

Matvey Shparo: Every year, starting in March, I’m starting to go crazy without the Arctic, which was countless times, but she still pulls like a magnet. Maybe there, under the ice, a Deposit of magnetic ore? (laughs).

When you went to your first ice trip?

Matvey Shparo: I was about 13-14 when I first went on a winter hike in the Arkhangelsk region for the New year. A group of children, led by my father, traveller Dmitry Shparo, I had to go 100 kilometers. The night was minus 40, the father lay in a sleeping bag under the open sky. I also instead of a tent slept next to worse than I thought then.

a Lovely expression you have: you can’t learn responsibility if you are not responsible. What you learn in the campaigns of the guys responsibility?

Matvey Shparo: make Sure each trip assigned duty. In the morning they must get up two hours before the General raise, to start a fire, melt water from the snow to get firewood.

Guest is a mandatory part of your Internet program. Seasoned travelers, historians, athletes, guides. You and online campaigns with them go? And where?

Matvey Shparo: we recently had members online expedition of the Moscow city pedagogical University “Around Russia in 10 days”. She covered the Kamchatka, Ural, Altai, Caucasus, Baikal, Crimea and Kaliningrad. The honored traveler of Russia Peter Plein, who not only traveled the country in a horse and carriage and bike, but also got the title of champion of the Guinness Book for crossing in winter on horseback in Siberia. This project was created to meet the needs of students in the classes of tourist and local history activity in conditions of isolation.

And what is your project a new column there?

Matvey Shparo: In April-may was launched 22 headings. In June, viewers saw 20 more of the headings: lessons from a marching song on the guitar related to the routes of hikes of the day in the suburbs. We talk about travel myths, for example, answered the question: “is it True you need to be an athlete to go Hiking?”.

your One of the bright “chips” is a celebration of the “Big adventu��e”. How did you spend it this year?

Matvey Shparo: We have moved our annual event held in Sokolniki Park, in a new format – online. And got a good audience: it was attended by over two thousand spectators, among whom were moms, dads, children, grandparents.

had the intellectual show-game #of Satkinskii. Participants were students in Moscow, who have passed special qualifying stage on 11 June, the best experts in geography, history and national traditions of Russia. We all say we love our country. But to love your country, you have to have it. Intellectual show-game #of Satkinskii is carried out in order to interesting way to present new knowledge to both participants and spectators. Become part of events on the online channel can each: for all acceding to view will have their own questions, some audience contest and prizes.

Our online project #promohttp is a preparation for real camping. We teach how to strengthen the knots on the tent, so that it flew away. How to wear a life vest when going for alloy. And how to start a fire if you ran out of matches. But the real Hiking will be.

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