the Rest of the week columns of thermometers again will storm the 30 degree mark. Until July 6, according to the preliminary forecast of the capital will be hot and mostly Sunny. Nights are also quite warm – plus 13-18 degrees.

“Different SYNOPTIC situation will develop – will come first simply transferring warm air, then the anticyclone will add the sun. Such a boring situation – the end of the week temperatures will again be above normal to four degrees. It should be noted that standards are now quite high,” – said Vilfand.

the meteorologist added that due to the fact that between the heat waves there is a small “rest” in temperature, in General, the current weather situation can not be attributed to hazards. “If it was a stationary cyclone, the air temperature would not have changed for a long time. And when for five consecutive days the temperature exceeds the norm by five degrees or more, it is dangerous for human health”, – said the expert.