the Russians are not waiting for the imminent completion of the epidemic.

may 6, Vladimir Putin will hold meeting on which will consider the proposals on phasing out of restrictions imposed in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. However, a number of regions yet to face more tougher quarantine in recent days, the daily increase in the number of confirmed cases has increased to 10 thousand Doctors believe that talking about passing the peak incidence early. In some regions of the country authorities declare the wearing of masks in public places is required. Yesterday the working group of the state Council for combating coronavirus has held a meeting on the topic of the widespread introduction of the country’s “mask mode”. The results of sociological research show that the Russians do not expect a speedy completion of the epidemic.

President Vladimir Putin will hold Wednesday’s meeting “on the implementation of earlier decisions to combat coronavirus” is expected to be heard recommendations for the phased exit of citizens and the economy of the modes of sanitary restrictions after the may holidays. Previously to prepare such recommendations, the President instructed the government, the CPS and the working group of the state Council for combating coronavirus. However, on may 4, press-Secretary President Dmitry Peskov in interview to TV channel “Russia 24” said that “wouldn’t get ahead of ourselves” with a forecast about the possibility of removing some restrictions may 12.

Recall that in late April, the daily increase in the number of cases had stabilized at about 6.5 thousand new cases daily, and even began to decline. However, on 30 April registered a new peak incidence COVID-19: per day, according to the headquarters of the anti-coronavirus, was identified 7099 patients. Then increase the number of cases has accelerated, reaching Sunday 3 may new peak 10 633 reported cases of the coronavirus. 5 may there were 10 of 102 new cases. More than half of new cases over the past holidays was registered in Moscow. 3 may in the capital registered a new peak incidence — 5.9 thousand new cases. Russia took the seventh place in the world in the number of cases, reaching 155 370 cases of infection.

Former chief pulmonologist of Ministry of health of Russia academician Alexander Chuchalin last Saturday, may 2, in interview to Agency “Interfax” does not exclude that the outbreak could turn the metro on the first day of admission. “The new data do not entail the cessation of work on the plan to get out of the quarantine,” he said. On may 4, the chief freelance pulmonologist of Ministry of health Sergey Avdeev said the Agency TASS that Russia has not yet reached a plateau in the number of infections with coronavirus and not to achieve��La peak incidence: “Leaving on a plateau, in fact, was not: we are still far from this point”. Mr. Avdeyev stressed again that the situation with the spread of the virus depends on adherence to self-imposed isolation.

So, the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov on may 1 signed a decree on the introduction in the region “mask mode” to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus. According to the document, citizens in the period from 1 may to 11 may inclusive, it is recommended to use personal respiratory protection (masks, respirators) when in the common areas. May 12, wearing masks in public places would be required, violators face an administrative fine. Owned by the region-of-network pharmacy the Governor has charged to create the necessary supply of masks. Socially vulnerable layers of population of the Moscow region government intend to provide masks “on preferential terms”. Management of Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia across Moscow region it is recommended to track the price of medical masks.

At the same time, following the meeting with heads of municipalities on Tuesday, the Governor Andrei Vorobyov instructed to provide assistance to citizens over 65 years of age with permits to travel to the country. Recall, people over the age of 65 years are most at risk of Contracting COVID-19, severe.

5 may mask the regime imposed authorities in Nizhny Novgorod region. Wearing a mask is now needed in public transport, taxis, shops, pharmacies, banks and other public places, and at markets and fairs. The message press service governments in the region, the residents of Nizhny Novgorod, which are not stocked in-house medical masks, will be free to get them at the entrance to the shopping halls in major chain stores.

earlier, the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov said that in the country there is no shortage of protective masks. Mandatory mask mode will allow to reduce the transmission of coronavirus infection from person to person, said Sergei Avdeev: “If everyone wears a mask, the mask will be including on the person who already has this infection.”

As follows from the published yesterday the results of a survey conducted by marketing Agency OMI (Online Market Intelligence), in collaboration with the center for social design “Platform”, only 10% of Russians expect that the spread of coronavirus infection will be stopped in may.

In a study conducted on 24 April, was attended by 1 thousand respondents over 18 years old in cities with population over 100 thousand people. 29% of respondents expect that this will happen only in June, 16% hope that the epidemic situation is normalized in July. 7% of respondents expect aboutkonania of the epidemic in August, 12% in September, 11% believe that it will take more than six months. 7% expect that the epidemic will last until the end of 2020.

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