researchers came to the conclusion that coronavirus infection can cause severe mental disorders (particularly schizophrenia) in children born to ill mothers. Izvestia asked experts how likely such complications.

specialists of the Department of psychiatry, University of California, San Diego (University of California San Diego) reviewed a list of possible complications after COVID-19 affecting the Central nervous system (CNS).

They suggested that the long-term effects, descriptions of which appeared after various epidemics — the Spanish flu, SARS and MERS — will be similar to the effects of the novel coronavirus to the organisms ill people.

Scientists believe that it is necessary to track the state of those who have suffered affliction “in utero, in childhood and adulthood, and in the later stages of life, to fully appreciate and to relieve long-term adverse effects COVID-19 on the behavior and the brain.”

Russian specialists with the theoretical influence of the coronavirus in the Central nervous system and mind agree. Deputy head of laboratory of the analysis of indicators of population health and the digitization of health MIPT Stanislav Otstavnov told “Izvestia” that the scientific literature describes the occurrence of mental disorders with viral pneumonia.

“Sometimes in severe and prolonged infections may experience an acute and transient psychotic symptoms: possible hallucinations, illusions, delusions, and other disorders of perception. I stress that they disappear with improvement of the patient, if the only infection do not cause organic damage the Central nervous system,” — said the expert.

Over time you will need to pay attention to the study of the possible complications in children, scientists believe.

“This could happen, especially if the disease happened in the first trimester of pregnancy, — says head of the laboratory of biotechnology and Virology of the Novosibirsk state University, corresponding member RAS Sergey Netesov. — It is no coincidence that the list TORCH infections so wide.”

Informed “Izvestia” wrote that the pathogen Wuhan pneumonia, is able to penetrate the blood brain barrier and directly destroy brain tissue. The coronavirus can cause neurological complications, it is not damaging the lungs. Of disorders of the Central nervous system is evidenced, in particular, symptoms such as loss of smell.