Netflix released the fighter Gina Prince Bythwood “Immortal guard” (The Old Guard) with Charlize Theron starring the immortal warriors, along with his team of routine saves the world the last couple thousand years. Julia Siegelman hopes that all the best of this story is yet to come.Andy (Charlize Theron), Booker (Matthias Schunard), Joe (Marwan Kenzari) and Nicky (Luca Marinelli) is a group of well — trained to battle mercenaries who travel the world, performing dangerous and delicate tasks that the real secret services of different States can’t afford to Shine. “You’re the good guys or the bad guys?” I’ll ask them later in the course of the film. “It depends on the century. We fight for what we think is right,” answered they.His thankless work they do do for centuries because they (the Russian title of the film gives the secret at once) immortal. The real name of the leader of the little superhero squad Andy — Andromache Scythian (whatever that means), she’s the oldest and had in his lifetime to see everything from witch hunts to a nuclear bomb, as well as, for example, to serve as a model for Rodin (and “to know him in the biblical sense” jokes as one of her associates). From all this she is terribly tired and wants to stop, but duty calls again and again to the next hot spot. Younger than the rest: Joe and Nicki fought on different sides in the Crusades, but over the past century of the enemies became a loving couple (Joe says about this monologue, worthy the best samples of medieval Arabic poetry), and Booker was a soldier in Napoleon’s army and died and rose again in 1812.In genre to the laws of action of the next mission, which is immortal sent at the request of the former ceresnie Copley (Chiwetel Ejiofor), is a trap. They fall into the hands of the pharmaceutical magnate Merrick (modern evil, of course, assumes the form of a puny nerd with glasses and an expensive hoodie, but to be more convincing playing his Harry Melling, familiar to viewers for his role of the nasty Dudley Dursly in the franchise about Harry Potter). He wants through inhuman experiments to establish the genetic cause of their immortality to create the cure and make billions. The fact that subjects in the process can hurt, it slightly worries: like a villain with megalomania complexes, Merrick instructed to follow the principle of “chop wood — chips fly.”As if that were not enough, the characters are faced with another problem — in the world finds a new immortal, corporal, U.S. military corps in Afghanistan Naila (Kiki lane), at first not interested to join the group. Of course, in the end it will be completely illegal��enimem fighter, and throughout the film will serve as a useful tool for the creators to explain to the audience the laws of the universe, built in the tape.Most of the current superhero movies belong to one of three varieties: their authors are either joking rampant, including in his paintings so meta and postmodern reviews, how much can withstand the timing; or choose a serious, sombre and melancholic tone, forcing people with superpowers to suffer intractable philosophical problems, as a great power, as you know, implies a great responsibility; or, with varying success trying to balance one with the other. “Immortal guard” definitely belongs to the second category. Transferring to the screen his own graphic novel, writer Greg Hand along with co-author Leandro fernández had removed from it practically all the humor, but at the same time erotic and melodramatic moments, focusing on the inevitable mental sufferings of the people forced to live forever, and hence gradually to lose everyone you love. However, the very absurdity of the original premise balances the pathos of dialogues and monologues, the characters are the same, albeit one-dimensional, written to reliably stimulate those parts of the average kineticheskogo of the brain that are responsible for excited the compassion. Kiki lane in the role of universal soldier the least convincing, Yes, but in the end her superhero career is just beginning: in the final picture, the authors delight of mortals, the inevitable hint of a sequel.