He said that in this direction the Ministry is working jointly with the Ministry of agriculture, which is responsible for ensuring the quality of flax raw materials for production of the textile and garment enterprises. First of all we are talking about long flax fiber.

Now the support of the industry carried out within the framework of the state program is calculated till 2025. It is designed to encourage Russian light industry to go to the domestic flax raw flax textile yarn. This provides annual subsidies for the production of mixed fabrics with the content of flax (used for the manufacture of ready-containing products in the Russian light industry enterprises) in the amount of 44 million rubles, and also subsidize the production of yarn with the content of flax in Russia for further processing at facilities in Russia in the amount of 198 million rubles. This decision was supported by the Russian President following the meeting on 3 June 2020.

State support will reduce the costs for Russian textile enterprises to 15 percent (of acquisition-containing yarn produced in Russia) and the Russian garment enterprises to 30 percent (by purchasing-containing fabrics produced in Russia), says Denis Manturov. Released thus the working capital of enterprises of light industry should be aimed at modernization of production, purchase of high-tech spinning, dyeing and weaving equipment, create new jobs, increase productivity and product quality. According to the Minister, the relevant draft resolutions of the Ministry of industry has developed and after obtaining from the Ministry confirmation of funding sources will contribute to the government.

“the program will allow the enterprises of the flax complex to increase production of competitive products that are in demand in both domestic and foreign markets. Ultimately, this will impact on targets to increase non-oil exports non-energy commodities established by the national project “international cooperation and exports,” – said Denis Manturov.

According to the agriculture Ministry, as of 22 June 2020 flax were sown 51,1 thousand hectares, 4.5 million hectares more than last year. Flax complex of the country are 149 agricultural producers growing and processing flax, including flax mills c 59 with a total production capacity of over 50 thousand tons per year. The utilization of potential capacity for the production of flax fibre is less than 40 percent, 44 enterprises in need of modernization. Last year, gross ��Bor flax amounted to 38.5 thousand tonnes, with the country’s needs of 350 thousand tons, of which half for the textile industry.