the verdict in the case, “the Seventh Studio” has many dimensions – legal, cultural, social, political… to Evaluate the last in the list, but not the least – we asked well-known Russian political scientist, President of the effective policy Foundation Gleb Pavlovsky.

Mr Pavlovsky, if we assume that the case of the “Seventh Studio” – including political action and the grounds for such a view is more than enough, what, in your opinion, was the idea of “Director” of this “play” and to what extent it is implemented?

I think the script changed. First was the idea of revealing to bankrupt government. The reasons for this were discussed in the press. The idea came from somewhere around the President. Who it was from and what was the reason, there are different versions.

the Fact that here, as in all theatres, it was cash, turned out to be very convenient in order to present it as theft in especially large sizes. But because he was hurt creative elite, including many important for the Kremlin people failed to do it quickly, in the mode, so to speak, of judicial execution.

the Process was delayed. And, apparently, the original motives of those who, so to speak, was out for blood Serebrennikov, lost value.

At the last stage of the government’s actions have been determined by two conflicting desires. On the one hand, since the pandemic broke undisputed hegemony of the centre, it had, hegemony, restore. To show who in the house is the master. From this point of view, was desirable harsh verdict.

on the other hand, it was necessary to show the intellectuals (in the broad sense of the word, not just the theater) that her only protection is the Kremlin. Otherwise it will “eat” the judicial investigation the guardsmen.

the Behavior of the court determined the influence of people in power who defend one or another desire. In the end we have what we have. But in our conditions, unjust, but not associated with a prison sentence, is considered almost a victory.

– There is an opinion that the defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio” saved changing the Constitution that they escaped with probation for the reason of voting on amendments. Agree?

– “Director”, about which you said, not actually watching at the same time for everything that happens. I think that the court was assigned this time – pure coincidence. But, of course, the scandal this week would be quite out of place. A scandal – if there was a real time – out would be monstrous. You can expect a different kind of action. And not just the usual protest groups, and cultural establishment.

it is Understood that this thought best to avoid.

– In General, the verdict is like the average of all these endeavors?

Well, as usually happens in our system. EU��and we would have dealt with the legal regime, we would not consider most of these circumstances. This would go in the legal way, and it would be clear that drama does not exist for the diversion of public funds. But as the system goes from simple solutions, the action takes a lot of other factors. The horror that depends on the fate of the people. It is unlikely that the silver is in peak condition after what happened to him these past three years.

– because They will notice more and “damage” was ordered to pay. So to say that “got off lightly”, of course, impossible.

– Yes, easy fright is not here. Exactly. People, that is, moved in. And people, and the theatre. Considerations on which it was made, it is difficult to understand.