Approved the subject of protection of yakunchikovoy mansion (mansion of the Moscow chamber of construction companies). He has the status of a cultural heritage object of Federal significance.

In the protection of the architectural appearance of the mansion, the main entrance from the external staircase, the skylight, terrace, balconies and stair tower projection service entrance.

in addition, the experts noted the insertion of a separate building there are raised tiles, metal bars, brackets, open metal bridge Windows with decorative fixtures, stained glass, wide smooth frieze, crowning cornices, metal and stucco, including female masks and volute.

the subject of protection also includes the colors of the facades and cladding tiles (simulating brick), the Monier arches, the staircases of the early twentieth century, drawing rasstanovka Windows and doors.

In the capital actively working on conservation and restoration of monuments. So, in 2011, the city has restored more than 1,400 objects of cultural heritage, of which 203 in 2019.