Lukashenko believes that the quarantine because of the coronavirus will not give a positive result

the President of Belarus considers that the introduction of quarantine will provoke a second wave of disease.

MINSK, April 26. /TASS/. Introduced in connection with the pandemic coronavirus quarantine measures in Russia and other countries will not give a positive result. With this statement made on Sunday the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, visiting on a working trip to Gomel oblast.

“Tried in Russia to be isolated. Happened? No. And we’re such as in Russia. We do not isolate”, — said Lukashenko, an excerpt from the speech which was shown on TV channel “Belarus 1”.

According to Lukashenko, in terms of quarantine “someone out there in isolation hurts, pull them out, cure — all sit in these apartments.” “In the musty apartments, exhausted, angry, frustrated, intimidated and scared.” “Now they opened the gate people came. And they are attacked by this virus, which is haunting. And get a second wave of disease. The first is gone and the second wave they will cover”, — said Lukashenko.

“That’s why I have decided to go their own way”, — added the President of Belarus.

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in Belarus for the last day increased by 873 man and reached 10 463, in the 72 patients. In Belarus quarantine due coronavirus is not entered, the preparations for the parade on the occasion of Victory Day. 20 April resumed the learning process in schools. According to the Minister of health Vladimir Carnica, the peak of infection will have at the end of April — beginning of may.