Trump called himself the most hardworking President in the history

the US President Donald trump said that those who know him are sure that he is “the hardest working President in history.” Reported by the Daily Mail with reference to the positions of head of state in social networks.

trump said that he works from early morning until late at night and not leaving the White house for many months. “I can not say exactly, but I am hardworking man and may have done more in their first 3.5 years in office than any other President in history. Fake news will not talk about this”, he added.

the country’s Leader also lashed out at the journalists of The New York Times that, in his opinion, received the Nobel prize for their reporting on the Russia’s intervention in the presidential elections in 2016 and her ties with the team of the trump. He emphasized that eateth not “angry” burgers and drink coke in bed, as they say in the Agency.

it is Noted that, apparently, the President was referring to the Pulitzer prize that was awarded to The New York Times. While the report where it refers, it noted only that the head of state rarely appears in the White house until noon, and hamburgers and Coca-Cola were mentioned only indirectly and had nothing to do with the President.