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The work of Alexei German Jr. on the film "Air", the events that occur during the great Patriotic war interrupted gripped the world pandemic. When shooting resumed, now hard to say. Like most of us, Alex is quarantined. We talked on the phone.
Actor, head of the Commission of Moscow city Council on culture and mass communications Evgeny Gerasimov told about the state of the 70-year-old people's artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina, which previously ended up in the hospital with bilateral pneumonia were connected to a ventilator and put into an artificial coma
Lev Leshchenko was discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka, where he lay with a diagnosis of "coronavirus". We talked with the artist about the attacks on him and about the situation of Nadezhda Babkina, hospitalized with COVID-19. The behavior of some "hysterical" woman is so shocked that he wrote a poignant essay: "Worse than a physical ailment - an illness, eating away at the soul."
Journalist Boris korchevnikov "fine" - this was reported by his colleagues when asked to comment on the news media
Bolshoi drama theater. G. A. Tovstonogov became a pioneer, and not only for us, the scale having entered into a parallel virtual reality and proposing new forms of interaction with the audience during quarantine. Digital existence was presented by the artistic Director of theatre Andrey Moguchy and his actors, led by Alisa Freindlich.

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