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The work of Alexei German Jr. on the film "Air", the events that occur during the great Patriotic war interrupted gripped the world pandemic. When shooting resumed, now hard to say. Like most of us, Alex is quarantined. We talked on the phone.
Actor, head of the Commission of Moscow city Council on culture and mass communications Evgeny Gerasimov told about the state of the 70-year-old people's artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina, which previously ended up in the hospital with bilateral pneumonia were connected to a ventilator and put into an artificial coma
Lev Leshchenko was discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka, where he lay with a diagnosis of "coronavirus". We talked with the artist about the attacks on him and about the situation of Nadezhda Babkina, hospitalized with COVID-19. The behavior of some "hysterical" woman is so shocked that he wrote a poignant essay: "Worse than a physical ailment - an illness, eating away at the soul."
Journalist Boris korchevnikov "fine" - this was reported by his colleagues when asked to comment on the news media
Bolshoi drama theater. G. A. Tovstonogov became a pioneer, and not only for us, the scale having entered into a parallel virtual reality and proposing new forms of interaction with the audience during quarantine. Digital existence was presented by the artistic Director of theatre Andrey Moguchy and his actors, led by Alisa Freindlich.
Bilateral pneumonia was diagnosed from a colleague of Nadezhda Babkina, the show “Fashion Verdict”, fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev.
Doctor of medical Sciences, broadcaster Andrew Prodeusa we appreciated the protection from the coronavirus-like plastic screens for the face
The specialists of the British National health service concluded that certain types of cough may indicate the development of cancer in the lungs
The struggle for survival of the theatre as the most living of all arts, gives birth to new forms. And broadcasts online already has its first competitor - the Theatre on the phone. Is the name of the project, conceived in the Union of theatrical figures. The first premiere will take place on the phone in test mode on April 12.
Alcohol solution that kills viruses, does not need to be highly concentrated, for these purposes may be and vodka, said «Russian newspaper», the Deputy Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology, corresponding member of RAS Alexander Gorelov.
Our personal and professional communication in the conditions of the quarantine goes into the virtual space. The producers, led by Alexander Hakob and representative online cinema discussed in the Network generalnote after coronavirus. Not without its oddities. On the screen suddenly appeared erotic picture, the origin is not found out. In the final discussion participants sitting at computers in homes, offered ever to celebrate their meeting over a glass of wine, and received an invitation to the Caucasus, where there is no coronavirus. Optimism has not disappeared, although the situation is critical.
In an era of unpopular albums, Soso Pavliashvili releases new album, offers it including vinyl and doesn't seem particularly worried about what to rate this ready, not all in a row. But those who came to the presentation of the album "Life is good!", were all able to take a ride.
In the Moscow art theatre. Premiere of Chekhov's "the Seagull." The fifth in the entire history of the Art theatre, it was perhaps the most radical reading of the play, is considered a symbol of Russian theater. However, the staging was by the alien by the Lithuanian Director Oskaras koršunovas, and the name of Chekhov's works in conjunction with his name, you can safely label it as #canecorso. Here's a advanced version.
Farewell to winter in art-Park "Nikola-Lenivets" this year had become unrealistic in scope and entertainment of mystical performance-the ritual is primarily directed by the nature itself. Specially for the event architects Peter Advisers and Faith stepansky has designed a huge bridge (a height of 20 meters and a width of 66), who for three months was built from wood construction waste and hay are the local residents. And on the last day of winter the art object burned with the participation of five thousand guests. The apotheosis of the event was ice castle, turned the farewell to winter in the play of the elements.
In infectious hospital of Sevastopol commented, "the Star" information about the escape from quarantine of a young female patient who was hospitalized due to suspicion of a coronavirus
Singer Sergey Lazarev has made a scene on the musical TV show, emotionally responding to criticism of the young singer from the Russophile
The CPS confirmed earlier appeared information in mass media that in Sebastopol from the quarantine escaped patient with suspected coronavirus
Singer Nadezhda Babkina on TV told how she managed to lose 22 kgs
On the first day of spring, March 1, 2020, the Orthodox celebrate forgiveness Sunday. The essence of the holiday seems to know everything: we need to ask forgiveness, to hear in response, "God will forgive" – and assume that the job is done... However, in talking to us, the priest explained: simplification and digitalization of this process, no one benefits. Asking for forgiveness is necessary, first, personally, and secondly sincerely.
The actress of Moscow art theatre name And
The Russian participant of "Eurovision-2020" was the 35-year-old pop singer Alexander Panayotov.
Alexander Roebuck for a couple of Egor Bereavem very smartly plays a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown in the new series "war of the families". However, fans of the Roebuck can say that mediocre Comedy, not fully reflects the acting potential of Alexander and certainly will not be too important a place in his filmography. Was his role harder, not only on the set. We remembered some of them.
Singer Alexander Panayotov has denied media reports that he will represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam
In all the years of speeches professional tennis player Maria Sharapova has earned so much that it became the highest-paid Russian athlete in the past decade
The General Secretary of the German cancer society Johannes Bruns signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of oncologists of Russia in the framework of the German cancer Congress. He also explained in an interview what method of cancer this is the most effective.
A few months before the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, the art Director of "School of modern play" Joseph Raihelgauz, invited the audience to his home. Moreover, all seated at the dinner table and was introduced to... mom. Mom fed 80 people a signature soup and told the guests the story of his difficult life. "Faina. Echelon" is a stage a memory women who had seen and survived more than a tragedy of war. But much more important is a personal experience of the Director about her mother, incarnate in the scenery of his daughter Maria Tregubova and played favorite actress Elena Sanaevoj.
They found 61-year-old American syndrome of fermentation of the bladder, because of this the body of a pensioner is constantly producing alcohol, reports Annals of Internal Medicine. It is noted that the first woman who is waiting for a liver transplant, was suspected of drinking alcohol in the hospital, but it was much more interesting.
Producer Iosif Prigozhin said he believes the decision of the Ukrainian group Go-A to act on "Eurovision" with a song in their native language right
German nutritionist Heidrun Schubert listed products that can be a barrier for a healthy sleep
Mites in Russia have started to Wake up a month earlier than usual, said "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" leading researcher of the Central research Institute of Disinfectology of Rospotrebnadzor Natalia Shashina. She noted that the unusual behavior of arthropods.
The Milan Opera theatre "La Scala" announced the suspension of work in connection with the distribution in Italy coronavirus infection

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