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Lev Leshchenko was discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka, where he lay with a diagnosis of "coronavirus". We talked with the artist about the attacks on him and about the situation of Nadezhda Babkina, hospitalized with COVID-19. The behavior of some "hysterical" woman is so shocked that he wrote a poignant essay: "Worse than a physical ailment - an illness, eating away at the soul."
If in previous years the village has often suffered from the vagaries of the weather and the "zone of risky agriculture", today these two traditional evils was added another and perhaps the main pandemic and coronavirus and its implications.Despite the optimal sowing period and the vegetative period, authorities highly recommend to old and small to sit at home and not go out.But the cloth-self-Branca has not yet been invented!In these circumstances, domestic farmers will hold the seed that you sow and what you reap in the fall? The zone of risky agriculture (snowless winter and early spring, according to weather forecasts) has not been canceled...
The government issued a decree, which was expected of the cultural industry, which in the first rows were affected by the pandemic and look to go on a ventilator. So, the decree of 3 April No. 437 will be for theatres, museums, libraries, culture centers a kind of ventilator. However, under one condition: the skillful use.
Biography Rena Jalovecky, art critic, writer and artist, able to impress anyone! When you look at her drawings, feel the genuine delight of the children. When you know that the first time she took up the brush after 80, admire and like respect. When you read her poems, emotionally transported to Yves carefree childhood. And having met her personally, immediately fall under the charm and get her incredible energy and optimism. Rena made no secret of his venerable age and thus dashing to cope with modern realities: the Internet "you", leads the social network, ironically about himself, admires contemporary youth and builds Napoleonic plans. "MK" tried to figure out what's the secret of eternal youth and creative excitement Rena Jalovecky.
On Wednesday, April 22, appointed to the all-Russian vote on the amendments to the Constitution. This day paid weekends. Employers must pay employees that day, as if they were at work. However, experts warn that private sector companies can bypass prescription and to call the workers to the offices and production.
Dollar for 67 rubles, Euro almost 74, of oil for $50. A few days ago, these figures, recorded on Friday, February 28, the day seemed unthinkable. But the epidemic creates its own history, as if mocking intelligent heads with their authoritative observations and forecasts. As they say, want to laugh coronavirus, tell him your plans. He himself continues its quiet expansion, exchanging not so much from person to person within China, but from country to country and from market to market.
Vladimir Etush, who passed away a year ago, did not live three years or until their 100, for me, has always been a man with a secret. A deceptive appearance: the way his rigorous mind, he neither give nor take statesman (rank in the diplomatic service, the Minister or what — come up higher — Governor). And he, being a great dramatic actor, he knew how to make people laugh as a few of his fellow actors. It seemed cautious, but not afraid to marry a woman twice younger than himself and lived with her in the happiness of his last two decades. With these thoughts I go to Elena Etush in her empty house — the famous house-iron in grenade alley.
Oil fell to $51.4 per kick. Quotes have sunk to a record depth since the beginning of the year. 3 Jan barrel was trading for $68,64. The reason for that was the Chinese epidemic. The markets are afraid of the coronavirus, which captures new and new countries. Investors are seriously concerned about even greater coverage areas that can lead to serious economic consequences for world GDP, and the Russian Federal budget and the national currency. The Euro, on February 27 in the course of trading, breaking the mark of 72 RUB, updated the lowest figure since September last year.
Italian Director Matteo Spiazzi showed his first work for the Russian theatre in the New space of the theatre of Nations. The basis of the famous text by Frank Wedekind about the problems of adolescents 129-year-old, and attempt a Frank conversation about sex, "fathers and children" by means of virtual reality. From the premiere — the correspondent of "MK".
This year Russia will host the census. And although the main census of the month — October, in some regions, the population will begin to rewrite from 1 April. The meaning of major event that everyone in the country was not only counted, but also shared personal information. For example, what nationality he considers himself, in what conditions resides. Based on the obtained data of power form a social, ethnic and demographic policy. In the history of our country a census is to be held for the twentieth time, but it will become special. Rosstat announced the first digital census: all data will be filled in electronic form. Tell what the new waits for Russians in the questionnaires, how to complete them remotely and how many of our fellow "elves" and "trolls" by nationality.
Started the main Fotogalerie spring — international festival "Biennale-2020" opened two projects. The first is Chronicles of the pompous and cheeky club of new York, "Studio 54", made Todd Papagena in the era of its heyday — in the late 1970-ies. The second about modern manners, tastes, and feelings already the national youth created it. This group exhibition of students and graduates of the workshop of Igor Mukhin of Rodchenko art School, called "Easy to be young?". Both projects are in tune with the atmosphere of informality, however, the gap between them — from the point of view of the sense of degrees of freedom.
The coronavirus, it seems, is obsessed with the ruble. Tuesday, February 25, at the Moscow stock exchange rate of the Russian currency against both the dollar and the Euro fell more than 1.5 percentage points, reaching respectively 65,47 and 70,93 rubles. Earlier, the epidemic caused a rustle in the stock markets of the US and European indexes lost from 3% to 5%. In General, the uncertainty surrounding the creeping Chinese infection is recognised in absolutely all areas of the global economy: risks are growing, States have a damages, cheaper oil, trade deflates, the GDP growth rate slowing down. And then, judging by developments, it will only get worse.
Last weekend the velvet slopes of sports competitions for the most daring and extreme winter sports Winter Gorilla Jungle (GWJ).
Soviet and Russian professional photographer Sergey Lidova expelled from the workshop in the Small Karetny lane in the capital. The staff of the Creative Union of artists of Russia said that the workshop Lidova belongs to the Union and to be in the Sobolev has no right.
The Vakhtangov theatre brought to the play "Our class". The shows will take place in the theater "Marigny" on the Champs Elysees in the framework of the 100th anniversary of the best Russian theater and in fact continue the world tour, which started in honor of significant dates in September last year. Two performances have already passed on hurrah. Detail from the capital of France — the observer "MK".
The Ministry of agriculture warned meat can rise. We've used that today to blame the coronavirus, but this time he is innocent. Although China has not done. Against our pocket play other players.
In the Moscow Museum of modern art on Gogol Boulevard (in two adjacent buildings) opened two exhibitions — artists-spouses Igor Novikov and Tatyana Nazarenko. Despite the fact that each of the authors works in his well recognizable manner, between projects "Exit" (Novikov) and "Future in the past" (Nazarenko) a lot in common. In the first place — in view of the history of Russia. He is pessimistic, while in tune with the present.
Each of us regularly brings balance their income and expenses. And happily rubbing his hands and shyly hides his eyes. What do we know about wages and unemployment in Russia? Rosstat regularly reports that the unemployment rate is low, but average wages in real terms, i.e. taking into account the growth of prices, is constantly growing. So, good all around, and if you have not, then he is guilty. But not so simple.
The capital's secondary housing market froze in anticipation of support. In the context of stagnating incomes especially can not count on that. According to experts, increase the number of transactions will help cheaper mortgage.

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