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Lev Leshchenko was discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka, where he lay with a diagnosis of "coronavirus". We talked with the artist about the attacks on him and about the situation of Nadezhda Babkina, hospitalized with COVID-19. The behavior of some "hysterical" woman is so shocked that he wrote a poignant essay: "Worse than a physical ailment - an illness, eating away at the soul."
In Russia 40 million people have loans from banks. Many several types of obligations: consumer, mortgage, and credit card. And every fourth borrower more than three-month delay in payment.For the loan does not even have to go to the Bank, it is enough to be in the nearby shopping centre to look at the website of the online store or a travel Agency. Temptations lurk at every turn, and then on his neck tightened loop.To cope with the problem difficult, but you can find fellow sufferers, the same borrowers, and together to try to get rid of the credit function, which has been compared to drug and alcohol...
Alcohol solution that kills viruses, does not need to be highly concentrated, for these purposes may be and vodka, said «Russian newspaper», the Deputy Director of the Central research Institute of epidemiology, corresponding member of RAS Alexander Gorelov.
At the metro station «Mayakovskaya» in Moscow there was a fight that involved several dozen people – fans «Spartacus» and «Dynamo», according to the Telegram-channel “Rise”. It is noted that several people suffered greatly.
On Saturday in Central Moscow held a traditional March in memory of Boris Nemtsov. Recall, the former Governor of Nizhny Novgorod and Deputy Prime Minister of the Yeltsin era, and in modern times – the leader of the opposition was killed in Moscow 5 years ago, February 27, 2015. The memory of politics has become a stumbling block between the government and the opposition part of the society. At the jubilee procession gathered at least five to seven thousand people. (According to the "White meter" on the territory of the March to 14.30. were 21.7 thousand persons)
The sale also received travel tickets "United" with a festive design
The movement of trains in the area stopped
The team of the Moscow subway has about 60 thousand employees, of which more than 21 thousand women
In fact the incident initiated a control
Previously the crash occurred on a site from station "Vladykino" to "Chekhovskaya"
2 Feb young man fell on the train, simulating the sudden attack
Copies of the card made up 10 thousand copies
Total metro employees were found more than 1.2 thousand things left

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