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Physicians medical-surgical center of Pirogov – one of the capital's hospitals, which are heavy patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19, called the drug to which they are pinning their hopes. This was written head of the Department of anesthesiology, intensive care Warmer Boris, who keeps a diary with the chronology of the disease. "After discussing with colleagues, Vitaly Gusarov (head doctor of a hospital in nmhts them. N. And. Pirogov – ed.) and Denis Protsenko (chief doctor Kommunarka – ed.) all came to the opinion that you can say about tocilizumab how the drug is promising in the "cytokine storm", - said Boris Warm. He further thanked the colleague who deals with the systematization of information. "Thanks to our chief of anesthesiology and intensive care, Professor Sabatino Mikhail Nikolaevich, who continuously tries to organize the barrage of information and offers workers scheme".About the benefits this drug has previously said Chinese and American doctors.
49-year-old Ukrainian and Russian pop singer, honoured artist of Ukraine Nikolay Trubach talked about a conversation he had with his family, including mom, once in 1997 he released the song "Blue moon" on his word and music by Kim Breitburg, which was performed with Boris Moiseev
The corpse of a young man was found under the Windows of the dormitory of MGSU in the Yaroslavl highway
Lev Leshchenko was discharged from the hospital in Kommunarka, where he lay with a diagnosis of "coronavirus". We talked with the artist about the attacks on him and about the situation of Nadezhda Babkina, hospitalized with COVID-19. The behavior of some "hysterical" woman is so shocked that he wrote a poignant essay: "Worse than a physical ailment - an illness, eating away at the soul."
Russia sympathizes with the Americans because of the prevailing difficult situation of coronavirus, said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov
In Belgium the number of deaths from the coronavirus during the day amounted to 327
The President of the United States Donald trump have ordered Italy to help in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus
On 79-m to year of life in Berlin, died a famous German actor Dieter Laser
In the USA the number of deaths from coronavirus infection over the past day for the first time exceeded 2 thousand
Last weekend in Russia there is a new saying: "To the bath with dry ice, not walk."In fact, to break through the millennia formed a storehouse of folk wisdom in Proverbs, sayings, anecdotes and ditties is not easy — it is necessary really to break up surrounding the brain.
Natalia Monakhova back from birthday Catherine Didenko.
Manufacturers of dry ice and animators using it in his show, complained about the cancellations. According to participants in the entertainment industry, because of the incident at the birthday party of blogger Catherine Didenko, in which three people died and four were hospitalized, customers are afraid to spend the holidays with the use of this substance.
A new touching and sad video on his page on Instagram posted a blog Ekaterina Didenko, during the celebration of the birthday which is on Friday, the tragedy occurred. In the course of a failed chemical experiment killed 3 people, including her husband.
The first death from the disease caused by a coronavirus, a new type was in Thailand
Netizens lashed out at the blogger Ekaterina Didenko, at the party in honor of birthday in Moscow sauna where her husband died and two more friends
Valentyn Didenko, lost her husband instabloggers Catherine Didenko, at a birthday party where three people died in the swimming pool with artificial ice, has previously conducted dangerous experiments
Living in Minsk Pavel Vinahradau told in Facebook that he was able to unlock Chinese smartphone with the help of a cut finger. He recalled that two months ago, my dad cut off his finger with a circular saw. Of course, accidentally. And decided to freeze it just in case.
Dry ice is completely safe, it is not toxic, the death of the partygoers occurred due to the fact that far exceeded the amount thrown into the hot water of the ice, which led to the immediate release of a large volume of carbon dioxide, said Telegram-"the Rise", the representative of the enterprise for the production of dry ice Oleg Ulanov
In one of the schools of Magnitogorsk during the lesson was PE. The second class pupil died instantly in the eyes of classmates.
COVID-19, and Spanish-18. These two rampant epidemics are separated from each other by a whole century. But now, as the coronavirus is occupying more and more countries, increasingly, in the media flashed the comparison, where the Parallels between the current situation with a dangerous infection and the pandemic that covered the earth at the beginning of the last century. How our ancestors survived in such difficult conditions, has struggled with the ubiquitous infection? – Remember.
"The tale of the fisherman and the fish" is a parable about the fact that everyone in the finale life comes to nothing (which is confidently on his way for being). Grumpy Old fate, Fate, Fate (and associating it implicitly executed wordly desires): to subside deception, will shatter the veil, sink a Mirage — palaces, riches, towers of the nobility — and will be one on one with Death death is no longer a cheat, and a lender, which came to charge the account for services rendered. All wins appear perovymi. I will take the house, the clothes, the last crumbs. So that is who was always there — not a grumpy stupid wife and your Doom. Well, how many did you nautil in the sea of life? Many have benefited?
For the past many centuries, "leap makeweight" in the form of 29 February is the most controversial day of the year. It involves a number of beliefs, legends, accept. And even scientific research to help those people who are lucky enough to be born in such an unusual day.
Two employees LO Affairs of Russia at station Moscow-Belarus accused of negligence: police detained a drunken Belarusian, who later died in the chamber due to a lethal dose of alcohol. Investigators of the Moscow inter-regional SU of transport of the RF IC opened a criminal case.
Vladimir Etush, who passed away a year ago, did not live three years or until their 100, for me, has always been a man with a secret. A deceptive appearance: the way his rigorous mind, he neither give nor take statesman (rank in the diplomatic service, the Minister or what — come up higher — Governor). And he, being a great dramatic actor, he knew how to make people laugh as a few of his fellow actors. It seemed cautious, but not afraid to marry a woman twice younger than himself and lived with her in the happiness of his last two decades. With these thoughts I go to Elena Etush in her empty house — the famous house-iron in grenade alley.
Ksenia Sobchak has produced a documentary dedicated to 25-anniversary of the murder of Vladislav Listyev
The defense Ministry announced the death of the chief of the Department for financial planning of Maxim Loskutov
The Investigative Committee in Khakassia Republic reported that the court sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment of the inhabitant of Sayanogorsk for beating to death a four year old stepson
"A Russian fairy tale. From Vasnetsov still" is more than an interactive exhibition devised for children and adults. It's an experiment that sets the bar for the West wing of the Tretyakov gallery. Given to the Museum last spring housing on the Crimean shaft are going to rebuild and turn it into an art space of a fundamentally new format. This project is another step in this direction. At the exhibition, the viewer finds himself in a fantastic world, where the sky flying geese in the cave lurks koshcheeva death in the underwater realm of the living water, and in the fairy forest giant sleeping bear. The world of Russian tales is presented as a theatre where the main actors — the works of classic and contemporary art and the spectator. If not overshadows scenography artistic context, to understand "MK".
The price of refined sugar fell by 1.5 times. The Russians do not know how to react to this deafening news. Purchased in store or wait for further price reductions? To help in this matter ready to come to the experts.
A budding football player was tragically killed in the East of the capital. Body eighth-grade girl was found under the Windows of a condominium.
In Krasnoyarsk found the other corpse for a few days with traces of dog bites
70-th Berlin international film festival came to the middle. It is obvious that the advent of the new leadership, headed by Italian art Director Carlo Chatrian has drastically changed life is the oldest of the festival. Low politicization, what's always made the Berlinale, more pure art. Stars almost there, except that johnny Depp came to present their new work outside the main competition Yes, Sigourney weaver was on the opening day of the track star. With the advent of new curators seemed to have opened the gate, and of Russian cinema, which for many years it was the ordered way flooded.

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