Grigory Leps – one of the first lucky ones who make it to the big stage after quarantine. Together with Garik Sukachyov, he will take part in the festival, where the audience will be able to listen to speeches, sitting in their vehicles. However, in isolation, as it turned out, the singer didn’t waste any time and now released their latest album from the cycle of songs of Vladimir Vysotsky “I have the Honor!”. The album is named romantic – “Urban romance”.

the names of the songs – as if speaking. And tell of the plight of man: “Think, my wife is not very well”, “In opposition, not in the worm”, “All behind”, “About the neighbor-envy”, “isn’t it a shame”. Judging by the choice of repertoire, Gregory fell not in the most optimistic mood. However, to sublimate the emotional pain in art is also output.

— multi-faceted work of Vladimir Vysotsky, there are works of street thug lyrics he created in the process of becoming an author. Vysotsky did not sit either in prisons or in camps, it was just a gift. He created a huge store of such songs are not even songs, and stories about people and situations, — wrote Grigory Leps on instagram. The atmosphere of these works, these urban songs I helped create guitarist Timur Vedernikov. We with Timur working on a whole series of “Honour”, so you can listen to the songs of Vladimir Semenovich in a lovely recording, with well-executed guitar accompaniment and my voice.