Still, anything is possible. But the current survey, values are from the point of view of the liberals is scary.

Now, any Opposition to it in times of crisis, difficult. Also, the Greens are no longer in their proud 23 to 27 percent of the time in front of Corona. However, the FDP suffers from the growing approval for the CDU/CSU is particularly strong. In five of the six April-polls at 5 percent; a single 6-percent-a result, there is no consolation. So bad, the party no longer stood there for a long time.

As to the effect, that Lindner has gambled away two years ago, the possibility of a Jamaica coalition. In addition, many voters have not forgotten that the FDP involved in Thuringia on a dirty game with the AfD and then on the choice of a free democratic Minister President of Höckes grace, was pleased. Lindner took 24 hours, until he realized what had directed his party friends there. Also, in the Corona-crisis, the party is not a good picture.

About the author: Hugo Müller-Vogg

Dr. Hugo Müller-Vogg is a publicist and former publisher of the FAZ.

Hugo Müller-Vogg/Laurence Chaperon

Now would be from the FDP concepts

expect The FDP has supported in the Bundestag, the government’s proposals to combat the economic consequences of the pandemic loyal.

Now, one would expect that the FDP presents concepts, such as the Transition from the currently necessary and inevitable “state of economy” back to the market economic rules of equip would have to go. Who, if not the FDP, should pay for all this? In the CDU/CSU, which convinced the market are host to listen to the scientists and of the state faithful, Green nothing is expected in this field.

Actually, it is exactly the time for the FDP, to profile

Currently, the state intervenes massively into the economy, supports businesses, self-employed, delay tax liabilities, guarantees, loans, grants benefits such as Hartz IV, without considering the actual need. All of this is for a limited time, right and necessary. But no one knows how to be guided one day back on track back.

Since the liberals could distinguish themselves. Of your answers on how to actually run with the bonuses and dividends, if, for example, a state with huge sums of money on the life held Lufthansa will fly again one day gains.

Who, if not for the FDP?

The FDP would also be needed to all of the left ideologues to oppose the failure of the outbreak of the pandemic simply with “market” and “to explain capitalism” to try and not to make the “neoliberalism” is responsible for the fact that in many state hospitals, the States are optimal.

Who, if not the FDP, could make people realize that it is a failure of State and non-market failure is when a long time after the outbreak of the pandemic are still people from high-risk areas have been able to travel with us? Or if the people are to keep a distance, not tracks, but can in because of their thinning schedules often crowded U – and S -.

Who, if not the FDP, could enlighten the Public that the left so vehemently demanded capital levies, especially family, would take companies, without whose investment the economy is barely moving again?

Lindner designed a contrast, the there’s no

The combined Left – of the left party in the left wing of the SPD, to the unions – using the crisis to their socialist recipes as a remedy for the time advertise it: higher taxes, a turning Back of globalization, increased social services, but above all, more government, more government, more government.

And the FPD? Trying to present himself as a particularly defiant Opposition. In his constant Effort to Gags and clicks Lindner designed a at present, as opposed to a “Mouth guard Yes, muzzles no”. There is not the slightest indication that the government sought to quash any criticism of its actions.

Grotesque Bushman-the throw-in

Because the Chancellor is directed – in contrast to the FDP-chief – without the rhetorical pirouettes and high-pitched tones to the population, tries to score Lindner with the accusation that the government speak to the citizens, “as with children, it is Unclear how to do it now.” So what? Angela Merkel, currently the citizens with their deeskaliere the Pitch better than Lindner with his loud.

Almost grotesque an appearance by Marco Buschmann unsuspected, the parliamentary Manager of the FDP group in the Bundestag. This narrow Lindner Familiar warned that in the “Shutdown” connected to economic hardship in front of a “radicalization” of the middle class, and warns of the danger of a “Revolution”. So the Left-not talking, here it is in the left party, if you warn of the consequences of social dislocation.

The FDP makes life itself difficult

Admittedly, In a crisis like this one it has every Opposition hard, when a government is pragmatic. In addition, the vast majority of the population with the action taken agrees, as all the polls show.

But Christian Linder and his FDP make life even more difficult, because you seem to believe that people were longing for in times such as these are particularly original or provocative contradictions. The opposite is the case: The party political-has Small space for substantive policy. The FDP has not noticed the obvious yet, the voters, but – as surveys show – already.

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