Animals and Staff from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya is to know that nature can be, sometimes, miracles, eternity, however, this miracle did not happen: there is a zezel was born, a very rare cross between a zebra and a donkey.

Last year, mei has escaped with a zebra in the Tsavo East National Park, they hiked to a nearby community. It soon became clear that they are not at home, too. They stayed there for weeks, what other livestock of the villagers, and the story of the zebra pulled out and even the local news, schrijftSheldrick Wildlife Trust is a conservation organisation in the African country. “After that, the vets are asked to use the zebra to move on to a national park.”

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The animal was put to sleep and moved naarChyulu National Park, a park that is home to the zebras, has now become accustomed to living with people, as well as keep an eye on it. They aardde quickly to her new home. “Our team saw her frequently at the waterplek, and watched as they indulged in the salt-stones.”

A couple of weeks ago, it appeared the zebra, suddenly, and with a little one at her side. It took a long time before the rangers get a good look at the foal will be able to cast. It is only recently that they discovered that it was not just a zebrajong it is, however, a so-called zezel: a rare cross between a zebra and a donkey. Animals that are not normally in their heads to each other as a pair.

We at first thought that the colt had never had a mud bath.


“Where zebraveulens they are normally born with white and brown stripes, which, after a while, the black, the body of this little one is a striking, bright stripes, and it was mostly sand-coloured. “We thought at first that the colt had never had a mud bath, we realized that we had to do. Our weglopertje was thinking of zezel!”, writing, of the nature conservationists. “Zebras have a gestation period of about twelve months old, so it wasn’t hard to see how that was to come. My mother was just before she had moved, for a love-ass come across.”

It is a striking animal that is infertile because the chromosomes are missing, and so it can never be the seed of worry. Mother and baby are doing well, please let the reserve know.

by 2018, in the united kingdom, an zezel was born. It was, as far as is known, the second in the country as a whole. In 2013, it was reported in a zezel in Italy. The father was a zebra and that a fence had been destroyed to make an ass of the court.