The first Ukrainian President, a representative of Kyiv in the contact group on the Donbas Leonid Kravchuk said, speaking on Russian television, protects the interests of Ukraine.

Kravchuk after the recent his appointment, was interviewed by Olga Skobeeva on channel "Russia-1". He also invited the journalist in Ukraine, assuring that you will be able to convince on the issue of conflict in the Donbass. A number of Ukrainian politicians and experts expressed outrage at the fact that Kravchuk had agreed to communicate with the Russian TV channel.

"We need to use all possibilities: the world is the main thing. And I always say, no matter who I say matters, what I’m saying. I hear that playing somewhere on the Russian TV channel. Yes, I stand, but there I defend the interests of Ukraine", – said Kravchuk in the program "Pulse" on channel "112 Ukraine" on Tuesday.

Kravchuk on Thursday led a delegation of Kiev on the negotiations of the contact group on the Donbas in Minsk. He was succeeded by Kuchma. Kravchuk did not rule out personnel changes in the composition of the delegation in Kiev.

The Deputy head of the party "public Servant" Eugene Kravchuk said earlier that deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the party of President Vladimir Zelensky is forbidden to communicate with Russian journalists.

Kiev has repeatedly limited the work of Russian media in the country, including regularly banning entry to Ukraine to journalists from Russia. In March 2015, was suspended accreditation at the bodies of state power of Ukraine 115 Russian media in Ukraine also banned broadcasting of the main Russian TV channels.