Anna chipovskaya in the movie “Intervention”

Anna chipovskaya starred in the film, claiming the award “Kinotavr”, the young Belarusian Directors are shouting about the lack of sex education, and Netflix is preparing a high-profile premiere with Robert Pattinson, MIA Wasikowska and Tom Holland. Tell, what happened in the film world for a week.

Started shooting a new film Valery Fokin “Petropolis”

Theatre Director and artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky theater Valery Fokin returns to cinema after a long break — since the release of his latest film 12 years. He started filming fiction drama-Thriller “Petropolis” based on the story of his son, Kirill Fokin, “Fire”, published in 2016.

the First shooting took place in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region, and in August and September will be charged the bulk of the film in Moscow in the pavilion indoor karting center in the Moscow pipe plant “Filit”, which is already built scenery, and the most ambitious to date for the Russian cinema of those that were built in enclosed spaces. There will be combined locations Petersburg, Miami and Tokyo.

Anton Shagin on the set of the film “Petropolis”

Julia Snigir and Anton Shagin on the set

the Main characters of the film, social psychologist Vladimir Ognev and his wife Anna, played by Anton Shagin and Yuliya Snigir. Together with them in the picture also stars Vladimir Koshevoy, Junsuke Kinoshita, One Byron, and other actors.

the Action of “Petropolis” happening in three countries: Russia, America and Japan. Immediately after defending his thesis, Vladimir Ognev invited to work in a closed international organization, a special division of the United Nations. Scientist propose to study hypothetical scenarios: how people will react if they find out that an alien civilization exists for many years and is in constant contact with them? Eventually the main character realizes that this scenario is not fiction and his research will determine the future of the whole Earth.

Released the trailer of the film “Intervention” with Anna Chipovskaya in the lead role

it’s time to get acquainted with the competitive program of “Kinotavr” which will pass in Sochi from 11 to 18 September. It included film of the Director Ksenia Zueva “Interference”, whose trailer is already available. Zueva took drama about love of the surgeon and his patient, about loneliness and feelings that can lead to irreversible consequences. And judging by the first reviews for the trailer of the film will be a success. Film Director Natasha Merkulova wrote to his colleague on instagram that victory Zueva already in the hands.

the Main character of “Interference” by the name of Masha (Anna chipovskaya) he falls for the doctor that did her open heart surgery (Andris Keiss). Kseniya Rappoport plays the wife of a surgeon, and Ivan I. Tverdovsky appears in the role of a mugger.

trailer of the film “Intervention”. Video from instagram Ksenia Zueva

Premiere of the teen drama “II” (Two) by the Belarusian Director Vlada Senkovo

15 Aug in online cinema IVI premiere of the teen drama “II” (Two) by the Belarusian Director Vlada Senkovo, decided to declare the lack of seksprosvet in Belarus.

a Graduate of the Minsk film school Andrew Polupanova he directed his second feature film. Premiere of “II” (“Two”) was held at the Warsaw film festival, where it received a Special mention of the jury. The film also opened the 12th annual film festival “Human dignity, equality, justice”, organized by the EU and the UN in the Republic of Belarus.

Senkovo Shot drama tells of the problems faced by contemporary tenth — 60-minute film about the young generation of Belarus raises the topic of sex education and acceptance. The aim of the Director was not just to remove teenage drama, and to declare the lack of sex education, not only in children but also in adults.

starring young actors Alina Yukhnevich, Alexey Wainilowicz’s wife and Hilary Shashko.

Robert Pattinson, MIA wasikowska, Tom Holland and others in the trailer of the film “the Devil’s always here”

Netflix along with other streaming channels remains a major supplier of high-profile premieres. On 16 September it will show the film at the Cannes laureate Antonio Campos “the Devil is always here” (The Devil All the Time) with Robert Pattinson, MIA Wasikowska, Tom Holland, Riley Keogh, bill Skarsgard, Sebastian Stan and other artists.

In the plot of the film intertwined stories of several people. The main character (played by Tom Holland) — a difficult teenager from a family of Vietnam veteran and a cancer patient women who is forced to turn from student scored a decisive man. In the picture a lot of other ambiguous characters, among them Robert Pattinson in the image of a preacher.

the first trailer of the film “Away” with Hilary Swank in the role astronauti

Five Directors took a series about astronaute Emma Logan, who is forced to leave her husband and daughter, to be part of an international team to go into space to perform a dangerous mission.

Star of the project “Away” (Away) became the winner of two Oscars Hilary Swank, who played the main character. With her in the series appeared Talita Bateman, Josh Charles, ATO Essandoh and other actors.

Show first season on Netflix will begin September 4.

Hilary Swank in a scene from the series “far Away”