Blast a joint inter-Korean liaison office on Tuesday, June 16, in the area of the industrial complex in the border Kaesong in North Korea, threatened the future of relations between the two Koreas. This step can be a turning point for Seoul and Pyongyang are less than three years ago, he pledged to “begin a new era of peace.” The reason for the explosion were leaflets in which Kim Jong UN was called “the devil” and published caricture on the leader of North Korea.

North Korean Authorities formulated their decision to eliminate the office as a retaliatory measure after a group of defectors used balloons to send the leaflets discrediting the North Korean leadership and calling for an uprising against the ruling in the Pyongyang regime. Then the government started to consider South Korea as a partner for reconciliation, but as the main “enemy”.

“the Recent stupid act of insolence caused damage to the dignity of our senior management, – it is told in published on Tuesday, June 16 comments of the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea (KCNA). The world will clearly see what severe punishment our people will make the South Korean authorities and how they will erase from the face of the earth of the human vermin”.

the Explosion of communication linking the North and South of the Korean Peninsula is largely symbolic.

Recall that the regular contacts of the two rival East Asian States resumed after the inter-Korean summit in Panmunjom in April 2018. Three months after this historic event communication has been reestablished on the Western border.

the Opening of a liaison office, which de facto performed the functions of the Embassy and was intended to facilitate the dialogue between the two States, gave hope to the establishment of diplomatic missions in the two Korean capitals.

it is Known that the South Korean government at the time, spent more than $ 7 million construction of the facility, which was originally built as an office for inter-Korean consulting Bureau for exchange and cooperation. There were also reports that the South Korean side has financed in 2018 and repair work in connection with the conversion of the object – Seoul they cost 8.6 million dollars.

In a four-storey liaison office had approximately 20 people on each side, and the South Koreans were located on the second floor, and their North Korean colleagues at the fourth.

the Object was in the territory of industrial Park in Kaesong. In it for a long time housed hundreds of South Korean companies, which employ tens of thousands of North Korean citizens.

the Park Itself, once a bright symbol of inter-Korean economic cooperation, is closed from February 2016, when the stress��be on the Peninsula increased dramatically after North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test.

And the office, according to the Ministry of unification of South Korea, has been closed from January 30, 2020 the pandemic coronavirus.

But its in his future given up after last week, Pyongyang announced that it would stop all communications with South Korea, including a “hot line” designed for direct communication between the two leaders, in response to the spread of propaganda leaflets.

Earlier, the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jeong demanded that the South Korean government to punish defectors, whom it described as “traitors”, “human scum” and “dregs of society” who dared to harm “the absolute prestige of the North Korean Supreme leader, representing the country and its great dignity.”

Then she hinted that the office is somehow destroyed.

“Soon we will see the tragic scene of a total collapse of the useless joint liaison offices North and South” – said in a statement the sister of North Korean leader KCNA.

What is so particularly outrageous contain leaflets with the South run of the North Korean defectors?

First of all, it should be noted that the recent launch of the air cylinders (balls not call them, these “aerial vehicles”, gas filled, have a columnar elongated shape) on the territory of the DPRK deals with two groups of immigrants (“Fighters for free North Korea” and “Keun Saem”).

packaged in bags of thousands of leaflets by anti-government content. To bags fixed a timer – when it works (estimated launching, it must be on the territory of the DPRK away from the border), the bag is revealed and the flyers begin to fly.

In some of them, Kim Jong-UN called “the devil”, as he himself predicted a bloody end as Saddam Hussein or Muammar Gaddafi. Also sent materials exposing “dynasty” (contains the attacks and to the sister of the leader of the DPRK), the nuclear ambitions of Pyongyang and human rights violations.

Among the campaign materials there are caricatures of Kim Jong UN, depicting him, as a rule, holding nuclear missiles. There are cartoons and with the image of Kim Yu-Jeong.

in Addition to purely promotional materials in the bags that are sent through the air on the territory of the DPRK put even dollar bills, miniretirement to listen to forbidden broadcasts, USB memory stick with Korean soap operas.

in Addition to the aerial way of sending North Korean defectors use and water ways: drop in a sea of plastic jars filled with rice for their compatriots living in the DPRK. So W�� way, relying on ocean currents, forward and campaign materials, and even the Bible.

Over the past 10 years North Korean defectors have launched air cylinders leaflets to the North at least 750 times, an average of 75 times per year.

Although some experts believe that propaganda leaflets angered the political leadership of North Korea, other analysts have suggested that North Korea leaflets is considered only as a pretext. But the mere demarche Pyongyang was used as a tactic, so as to pave way for immediate negotiations or to sow discord between the United States and South Korea. Similar methods Pyongyang has previously used.

the North Korean side said that the campaign leaflets violates the agreement, Kim Jong-UN and South Korean President moon Jae-In, enclosed in 2018 at their first summit, when both leaders agreed to end “all hostile activities and to eliminate their means of implementation, including broadcasting through loudspeakers and distributing leaflets” along the common border.

the moon’s Government reacted uncharacteristically strong statement, Recalling the worst days of the confrontation between North and South.

Official representative of the presidential Blue house of South Korea said that the decision about the explosion of the liaison office “an act of betrayal of the expectations of all who wish to improve inter-Korean relations and the peaceful settlement on the Korean Peninsula”.

the Ministry of defence of the Republic of Korea in turn said that watching the armed forces of North Korea will “firmly” respond to any military provocation.

In response to such statements in the DPRK stressed that the leadership of South Korea does not need to pass on Pyongyang the responsibility for the elimination of the office of inter-Korean ties, as Seoul was the first to break all the agreements.

“If the (South Korean government – “MK”) can’t follow the language, then we can again think have long forgotten the idea of turning Seoul into a sea of fire” threatens to KCNA.

In a statement the Agency the position of the Ministry of unification of South Korea that the DPRK for its actions by the Panmunjom violates the Declaration and terminates the agreement was called “juggling”.

the KCNA also noted that, despite the fact that Seoul has openly committed various “hostile acts” have constantly violated the agreement recorded in the inter-Korean agreements, and even held a “rehearsal for war with the attack on the North”, he still continues to blame Pyongyang.

“They have to realize that the sounds of an explosion, sounded in the Kaesong industrial zone from the destruction of the [office of communication], could lead to a complete collapse of inter-Korean relations,” the statement said.

B��indeed, in another published on the website of the KCNA statement, the sister of Kim Jong-UN and the first Deputy head of the Department of the Central Committee of the WPK Kim Jeong noted that South Korea is systematically “ignores” the fact of sending to the North propaganda leaflets defectors. According to her, the South Korean leadership is not even trying “to apologize, to repent, and to ensure that this will never happen again”.

At the same time, the DPRK authorities had previously rejected the proposal by a South Korean leader to send special envoys to Pyongyang, calling it besides “really sinister” and did not respond to the intention of Seoul to initiate an investigation against the defectors.

Instead, the North Korean military said that seeking the approval of Kim Jong-UN on “the renewal of all kinds of regular military exercises” near the disputed Western sea border, despite earlier reached inter-Korean agreement to ban such exercises.