Vladimir Putin is thoroughly protected from the coronavirus. Public events with his participation are reduced to a minimum, and all who are in contact with the President, placed at the preliminary stage quarantine. In addition, the Kremlin, Novo-Ogaryovo established disinfectant tunnels. In the Kremlin are the precautions considered “clear and understandable”, since we are talking about the protection of the President. However, other world leaders follow fewer restrictions.

About the appearance of disinfectants tunnels in the residences of the head of state first told the administration of the Penza region. Governor Ivan Belozertsev personally checked the installation and rated it excellent. “Technology akin to space: the man is automatically treated with a disinfectant substance due to the motion sensors”, – he wrote on Twitter after visiting the manufacturer. Earlier this company was engaged in creation of equipment for cleaning parts and equipment for service stations and industrial enterprises. The tunnels look like a cabin for elevators: when you enter, a man is in a fine water mist, as a result, the clothing and exposed parts of his body are covered with an antiseptic solution. Processing takes 3-5 seconds to 60 ml. The throughput capacity of the unit 12-20 people per minute and 360 per hour, which allows its use in places of a mass congestion of people. At the entrance to the tunnel it is recommended to close your eyes and hold your breath, but in principle the mucous membranes to be irritated should not.

Machines of Putin’s residences are equipped with cameras and facial recognition system: manufacturers claim that they can even read their faces behind masks. All data is automatically recorded, and the person (for example, when the discovery of his elevated temperature) may be included in the “black list”.

Dmitry Peskov told that you have already three such tunnel at a checkpoint in Novo-Ogaryovo and two in the Kremlin. Their appearance, according to him, due to the epidemiological situation – “they were set in the midst of the epidemic.” And, although there are now many restrictions have already been removed, “where it concerns the head of state, additional precautions are justified and understandable,” said the press Secretary of the President.

such precautions include also long quarantine, which have to comply with those who are in direct contact with Putin. Recently, the head of state was to spend more personal meetings (for example, this week he’s got an audience already visited the Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov and the head of Rosatom Alexey Likhachev), and on June 12, resumed public activities, presenting the star of hero of Labor four Russians.

Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the participants of the ceremony were quarantined. “It due to the fact that all of us can be contact with infected people carry the disease without symptoms. In this connection, you need additional testing, this is an understandable precaution,” said he. Quarantined was the correspondent of RTR, on the occasion of the day of Russia took Putin for the first time of a pandemic of the interview.

recently, reporters learned, how they will cover the event with participation of the President June 24, the day of the Victory Parade. Most of them (but only for the light parade at the time were accredited more than 2 thousand people) will be able to watch the broadcast from the press center, which will open in the Arena. The Red square because of the need to keep your distance will be allowed a limited number patacorow and operators. But they will be placed far from the rostrum where there will be Vladimir Putin and other leaders. So to remove will only parade participants and equipment.

In a similar mode (that is, in fact, without the press and the crowd), apparently, will be two other events dedicated to the memorable date – the opening of the main temple, the Ministry of defense on June 22 and the memorial to Soviet soldiers in the Rzhev June 30.

Invitations to the Victory parade in Moscow, as you know, resumed only for the CIS heads of state. It can also be connected with the intention to limit the contacts of the President: after all, every guest coming assistants and members of the delegation. And all it is impossible to control.

the President of France Emmanuel macron confirmed that he had not received the invitation to the parade in Moscow, although it was ready to resume foreign travel. So, on June 18 he went to London to celebrate Prince Charles 80th anniversary of the speech of General de Gaulle.

In General, Western leaders during the pandemic had a more soft, than the Russian President, “regime survival”. The same rules never stopped traveling to the country site visits and personal meetings with citizens. Just the other day he visited the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world working on the production of vaccine, and before that its representatives arrived at the Elysee Palace.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the midst of the epidemic itself continued to walk to the store, and went to the isolation, only when the coronavirus has infected her personal doctor. The weekly Cabinet meeting and press conference Merkel has long been conducting internally and without a mask. However, videoconferencing is saved for meetings with the heads of the Federal States. However, as reported by German media, in the near future will be their first since March 12, a personal meeting.

the Most carefree amid the pandemic looks like Donald trump, who recently gave the world a new Maxim of infection: “Stop testing, and coronavirus will disappear.”

the American President is not only reduced ��voi public appearance, but even increased, at some point deciding to personally visit all the briefings on cowhide, held in the administration. (Councillors even called for a stop to this practice, maybe it’s bad for the polls). As reported by the press service of the White house, all who may be in the vicinity of trump’s Vice President Michael Pence, before the event, pass the test for the coronavirus. However, even this precaution is unlikely to persist when the American leader will resume performances at rallies of his supporters, a schedule of which has been drawn up.

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