Prince George

In light of recent world events to make plans for the future are solved now except one, and among them, by the way, 38-year-old Kate Middleton and Prince William. The Dukes of Cambridge is already thinking about further education of his eldest son Prince George, who will soon turn seven years old. Next fall, when he’s eight, he, according to the Royal tradition, will have to go to study in a boarding school.

Prince George will probably follow in the footsteps of his father and uncle, Prince Harry, who studied at the boarding school Ludgrove in Berkshire. However, according to Royal expert Ingrid Seward, the decision of the Dukes of Cambridge will be weighed “very carefully.”

I think they do not need to rush the decision. I doubt the Royal family will need to stand in any queue. Kate and William — modern parents, and they will carefully weigh its decision.

I think they will wait to see how their children are developing personalities, and will take into account the fact whether they are happy to live away from home. After surviving a horrific trauma in their own childhood, William pays much attention to the mental health of their children,

she shared his opinion.

Prince William with children

Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who spent the last three months in home schooling, are students of the London school Thomas’s Battersea. In it children can learn up to 13 years, however, members of the Royal family traditionally send their children to prep school at eight years.

We used to see members of the Royal family today often break tradition, so if Kate and William will do things his own way, it’s not too big a shock. I think that the opinion of William and Kate will be: if children are happy in their school, they will not change anything. But, if I were Kate, I’d feel safer if George as the heir to the throne went to a boarding school. There he will have more freedom, and it will be protected from any external dangers

he concluded.

Kate Middleton and Prince William to Princess Charlotte and Prince George