The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the killing of people from Chechnya in Austria are special services that are acting against Russia.

Kadyrov noted “bias of the information machine”, which stated about his involvement in the crime, “having no official statements of the investigating authorities”.

“And Anzor from Vienna, and Mansour Old, and other bloggers who are earning on the idea of pseudo-patriotism, became and will be victims of the security services working against Russia, and in particular, me,” he said in the Telegram.

Kadyrov said: “They know that the Caucasus borders of Russia protected me and my faithful team. They don’t like it”. He stressed that “terrorism will not pass”, Russia “collapsed” so that “in the course went fans to scratch language.”

The head of Chechnya stated that such methods are used “to fracture the Ottoman Empire.” He noted that “corrupt the heralds are paid for their work (donuts, benefit – call it what you want), and then they are killed as an alleged innocent victims of the fictional “truth.”

Kadyrov said that many times “told about the methods of manipulating the West.” According to him, he “knew that these dolls will end their lives that way”.

“Should the defenders start to “feel” for someone’s life as she breaks off soon”, he said.

“We curse all who cultivate the howling!” – stated in the message.

Kadyrov noted “paradox”, “the killers, working for the secret service money, save these dogs from the infamous demand for every word”. Their “cause, and then eliminate,” but “instead of finding others”, and then “encourage people to go to rallies and campaigns”.

“Remember that before we demand to get rid of you as from consumables”, – Kadyrov said, urging not to participate in the “project intelligence”, “don’t become a puppet” and “take care of their families.”

“Otherwise, the same fate awaits you, and will accuse Kadyrov and his team”, – stated in the message.

We will remind, 43-the summer citizen of Russia was found dead with a gunshot wound in the Austrian city of Gerasdorf. The representative of the Prosecutor’s office in Korneuburg reported that “the victim is a person with a Russian passport of Chechen origin”, “the same applies to both of the detainees”. The victim “was a member of the program of protection of the individual, as the police believed that his life is in danger.”