the Changes were developed after analysis of the rules of resettlement conducted by the presidential administration, audit chamber and Prosecutor General’s office, revealed in the program a number of bugs.

the concept of buildings from which to resettle citizens. It’s not designed for living space, created in the period of industrial development of Siberia and the Far East and provided temporary accommodation to employees of local businesses and organizations. This can be a construction trailer, beams, modular container, barrack, prefabricated panel, frame and bulk of the building or other premises that does not meet the concept of living established in the Housing code. At the same time these structures should not be placed on the garden, vegetable and suburban areas.

Agreed, who is considered a family member of the owner of the premises and what documents people need to acknowledge that reside in this structure.

Categories of citizens subject to resettlement, will be expanded, according to the explanatory note to the document. The current order of the other housing is supposed to provide only for those who live in makeshift camps provided to them before December 25, 1991. If the amendments are adopted, to settle will be those who have received such a room until June 22, 2017.

Rules of the settlement is proposed to extend to Kemerovo and Magadan region, where there is such structure. Tyumen oblast will be excluded from the program.

increasing the number of Siberians and far Easterners who need to relocate, would require a significant increase in funding for the program, the developers of the document.