This year, the planned national hydrogen center in Chemnitz will receive 12.5 million euros more funding than previously expected. As the Saxon Ministry of Economic Affairs announced on Friday, the budget committee in the German Bundestag passed an increase on Thursday.

According to the announcement, Economics Minister Martin Dulig (SPD) said that the increase was made possible by persistent inquiries.

“Now that 72.5 million euros are available, that’s a huge success for Saxony as a hydrogen location,” said Dulig. “This means that all of our planned projects can be implemented in the National Hydrogen Center.” His thanks go to the Federal Government Commissioner for Eastern Europe, Carsten Schneider, and the Chemnitz member of the Bundestag Detlef Müller (SPD), who had campaigned for Chemnitz.

Chemnitz was initially awarded 60 million euros in the allocation of funds, as the city announced. 95 million euros were therefore requested. The Saxon Ministry of Economics criticized on Friday that the then Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had shifted most of the funding to Pfeffenhausen in Bavaria shortly before the federal elections.

Last year, Chemnitz, Pfeffenhausen and Duisburg were selected as locations for the national hydrogen center. The various locations should conduct research on different focal points and address different industrial needs. The development of a competitive supplier industry and hydrogen applications for roads and rails are the main topics in Chemnitz.