The congestion of Moscow in the evening on Monday reached four points, follows from the data of the "Yandex.Tube" by 17:45 GMT.

Thus, the amount of traffic on the garden ring, third transport ring, on Moskvoretskaya embankment. Also the speed of the traffic flow reduced on the Bolshaya Lubyanka, Tverskaya and Novoslobodskaya, and on some sections of the ring road.

Earlier it was reported that the number of cars on Moscow roads have exceeded 2 million by 15:00 on 1 June. Last year in the same day, the traffic was estimated at four points on the "Yandex.Tube", while cars on the roads of the capital were 17% more 2.44 million

In the next phase of lifting the restrictions imposed because of the pandemic coronavirus, June 1, in Moscow allowed for the townspeople outdoors, for visitors to the newly opened parks.

In addition, Monday resumed work 47 thousand non-food shops, staffed by 236 thousand people, 9 thousand enterprises of household services with 37 thousand employees. In addition, from June 5 to earn fair weekend, which employ 4 million people.

In large shopping centres are open only to those enterprises whose activities are allowed. Located in the Mall entertainment centers, sports halls, catering, certain types of household services while will not work.