A group of Reich citizens was apparently planning a putsch. Henry XIII Prince Reuss, a former paratrooper and a Berlin judge wanted to take over power with their terror group.

The suspected leader’s noble family is shocked. “We were a tolerant, cosmopolitan principality in East Thuringia for 850 years. Now we are standing around the world as terrorists and reactionaries. It’s really terrible,” Heinrich XIV Prince Reuss, head of the former East Thuringian ruling house, is quoted in the “Bild”.

He could not imagine that Henry XIII. Prince Reuss should really be the head of such a thing. “30 years ago he was a very modern, up-to-date, spirited entrepreneur.”

He himself has had no personal contact with him for ten years. The relationship is very disturbed: “I have long distanced myself from him massively,” he explains.

And further: “He is only a marginal figure in the family. In the line of succession that would have been relevant in historical times, he is the 17th. So it doesn’t make any sense for him to stage a coup.”

German real estate prices are likely to fall by eight percent in 2023. Anyone who buys now must therefore plan for the long term. Otherwise he could lose tens of thousands of euros.

The federal and state governments finally agree – the Germany ticket for local transport is coming. However, there are still open questions. You can read the statements by Scholz, Weil and Wüsten here in the minutes.