“It’s time to vote — the Chairman of the Central Council of the Russian party of pensioners for social justice Vladimir Burakov. And I think the right offer to spend a week of voting.”Will in for 7 days like he said Aify is additional safety on sites, as such a period allows to avoid the crowds of voters.”Nobody wants to be on the street rushed the crowd, it is important that everything was measured evenly, with the necessary distance”, — said the head of the party of pensioners. He recalled that in March selected 3 thousand observers: they can monitor not only the legitimacy of the vote, and the observance of safety measures at sites. His position, he explained: “first, the end of the year promises to be eventful both politically and socially. Everything that happens now, will need to rectify. Secondly, we, in particular, it is important to quickly earned amendments of the places of the basic law, where we will focus on pensions and Patriotic education of children and their respect for the older generation”.

“Amendment demand”. Why is today important changes in the Constitution?
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