The decision of President Vladimir Putin about carrying out of voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian community is regarded as absolutely justified. And equally justified consider the CEC’s proposal on early voting.”Not further, as last Saturday, the conversation of the members of the working group on amendments that bring the time of the vote, told the Chairman of trade Union of workers of agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation Natalia Agapova. – I think indeed: and it is time, and maybe. Now we are all at home because of the weather even people with summer cottages back – so the appearance may be normal.” For the second half of the year, in her opinion, the vote can not leave: “at least because, most likely, will start easing even for Moscow, and the people will go on vacation within the country. This will delay a large number of people.” And amendments it is important for all residents of the country, so make the decision you need faster. “We all understand that in voting on amendments to the Constitution “tied” and social benefits and the minimum wage, and living wage, and questions the international order, – explained Natalia Agapova. Our life should go in the framework of the current Constitution plus corrections. It was good, it does not violate anyone’s rights, but only gives assurance that there must be better.”

It’s time and very much so. The vote will take place with the necessary security
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“Date of July 1, is still important because in July begins the budget process, and the amendments should enter into force before the adoption of the budget, – said the head of the laboratory of new technologies of Experimental Institute of social studies Daria Kislitsyna. You won’t need to postpone for another year, another budget process issues contained in the amendments of social guarantees”. Originating unplanned, the story coronavirus, in her opinion, hit have spent the organization of the voting, and substantive aspects are not touched. “Therefore, in the context of the decline of the epidemic and at 100% strength security measures to organize the vote can be”, – says Daria Kislitsyna. She believes that our CEC will consider the experience of South Korea and France, which held elections in the context of the pandemic. Also, not once had it slip and the possibility of electronic home voting. “The situation with the pandemic is improving, we see an obvious positive dynamics, therefore, if properly organized (safe for people), vote to be held”, – said the Director of the Agency for social information, the Chairman of the Commission of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation on development of the nonprofit sector and the support for socially oriented NPOs Elena Topoleva-Soldunova. The CEC’s proposal it considers reasonable, since nAdele of the vote – enough time to arrange it without creating crowds, “so that everyone could vote at the strict testing regulations”. Of course, the stations must be equipped with sanitizable, to provide gloves, masks, disposable pens, garbage cans. “Since this is a long-planned story, then perhaps it is time to hold the vote. Think of all the possibilities we have,” – concluded Elena Topoleva-Soldunova.