Serge Gnabry is currently preparing for the Nations League games with the German national team. In the back of my mind, however, there are still thoughts about the faltering contract talks at Bayern. After Robert Lewandowski, Gnabry is now also indicating what his bosses are currently missing.

The circle game, holding the ball up – is part of the everyday life of a professional soccer player, is part of almost every warm-up program – of course also with the national team.

The mishap happened on Thursday morning. Serge Gnabry played the ball, albeit not quite perfectly, in a circle to Timo Werner, who then shot himself in the face while juggling (only two contacts were allowed). The Bayern professional laughed his head off, couldn’t contain himself from laughing at the Chelsea striker’s slapstick moment and rolled over the lawn of the Adi Dassler Stadium in Herzogenaurach.

“I don’t know to what extent I’m supposed to ride him in the shit now,” said Gnabry and smiled, “it was a very funny action. I had Niklas Süle next to me, who has a very contagious smile, and then I couldn’t help it anymore.”

In the days before this year’s Nations League opener against European champions Italy on Saturday in Bologna (8.45 p.m., RTL live), it seems as if the mood in the DFB team is great. Four competitive games in eleven days to prepare for the Winter World Cup in Qatar.

Italy – Germany

04.06.2022 | 8:45 p.m

So, in a very professional way, reference is always made to the dutiful focus on the tasks of the present. And yet the thoughts of some nominees are likely to wander from time to time – especially among those whose contractual situation is unclear. If there are any questions, they will be asked by the reporters. As on Thursday afternoon at the press conference. So Gnabry knew what he was getting himself into as a podium participant.

The 26-year-old still has a contract with Bayern until 2023 and has rejected previous offers from the club for a contract extension including a decent salary increase.

His trump card: he will be free of charge next summer. The talks have been stagnating for months, the hesitation and hesitation of the winger attracts interested parties such as Real Madrid. The Champions League winner is said to have Gnabry on the radar, which leaves no footballer indifferent.

Those responsible for Bayern do not want to let their curly head go without a fee like Süle did this summer or David Alaba (also to Real) last year. Then it’s better to collect a handsome sum in this summer transfer window (open until September 1st), according to “Bild” the financial pain threshold is around 40 million euros. But what does the player want?

“I don’t want to comment on my own contractual situation here, so please no more questions,” the native of Stuttgart blocked the subject tight-lipped. Gnabry was more specific on the subject of appreciation Player to club or from club to player.” Gnabry explained: “It’s not always the case that each of us only thinks about money, there are other things that play a role in the working relationship in order to feel comfortable.”

A nod to the bosses with the fence post in view of the constant quarrels about Robert Lewandowski’s desired farewell from Bayern to FC Barcelona, ​​which is also constantly about the ongoing topic of mutual respect? Allegedly.

When asked about the impending departure of the FIFA world footballer, who, like Gnabry, is contractually bound to Bayern until 2023, his (still) teammate said: “From my point of view, as a teammate, as part of the club, it’s a bit of a shame how it goes back and forth. That’s why I hope that a peaceful agreement will take place.” Which could probably also be applied to his situation. With the difference that Gnabry has not yet decided.

Gnabry’s hesitation and procrastination is symbolic of the difficult situation at FC Bayern these weeks. Purchases such as that of midfielder Konrad Laimer (25/Leipzig) or the announced royal transfer of striker Sadio Mané (30) from Liverpool are pending – and not least of the outcome of the Lewandowski cause and the decision in the Gnabry case.

The transfer summer is still long, especially the days at the end of August are usually quite hot.

This article was written by Patrick Strasser

It is well known that Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Bayern. Wherever he wants, actually. To Barcelona. Now Poland’s national coach is surprisingly bringing Liverpool into play as a possible club.

While the tug of war between FC Bayern Munich and top striker Robert Lewandowski never ends, Thomas Müller is now clearly positioning himself for a change in the world footballer.

Exciting start in the Nations League. Spain deservedly took the lead in the first half through Alvaro Morata. After Cristiano Ronaldo came on, Portugal are getting stronger and stronger. Ricardo Horta scores the late equaliser. The game to read.

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