WWE star Paige – real name Saraya-Jane Bevis – has become the subject of domestic abuse allegations from her ex lover and fellow professional wrestler Jose Alberto Rodriguez Chacuan, better known by the ring name Alberto Del Rio.

The 43-year-old wrestler and former MMA fighter, who had two stints in World Wrestling Entertainment between 2009 and 2016, has responded to allegations that he abused Paige during their tumultuous relationship by instead fingering her as the antagonist.

“It was the other way around,” Chacuan told TMZ Sports when her allegations of his abuse towards her were put to the 6ft 4in fighter. “I have the evidence, not just words.

“I would say Raya: Why? Why? Why are you doing this Raya? And, I’m not calling you Paige because you were never Paige to me, you were Raya.

“Why would you hurt me in a moment like this?”

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According to the tabloid news website, Chacuan has also confirmed that he is considering taking legal action against his UK-born ex after she made allegations against him, accusing her former lover of instigating a cycle of abuse.

“It’s like it’s up to six, seven hours a day you’re literally trapped in a certain room and getting your ass beat every couple of minutes,” she told GAW TV.

“You know what I mean? Karma’s a real thing and you put out what you receive,” she added, referring to ongoing criminal charges Chacuan is facing after being accused of the kidnapping and sexual assault of another former partner earlier this year.

“Right now, he’s receiving it.”

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In September, TMZ reported that Chacuan, who was twice WWE champion during his time with the company, was charged with four counts of sexual assault as well as aggravated kidnapping following an incident in Texas in May.

During their brief relationship, Paige and Del Rio were engaged – in October 2016 – but made headlines for a fiery spat at an airport in Orlando, although the 28-year-old was later cleared of any resulting charges by Florida authorities.

She was forced to retire prematurely from in-ring competition in April 2018, following several years of inactivity, but still retained an intermittent on-screen role with WWE and was the subject of 2019 feature film Fighting with my Family.