According to the results of weighing Ismailov was on 22.5 kg lighter than its rival, which is not surprising, because he stands in the Middleweight division, while Alexander Emelianenko – heavyweight. And he was the clear favorite.

However, in the first round Ismailov literally crushed his opponent. A combination of the two strikes, he sent him to the floor, and then a long and methodically finished off Emelianenko. From the defeat of the latter only saved by the bell.

In the second round, the situation is not much changed. Ismailov continued to attack, Emelianenko was back on the floor of the octagon. It was evident that a more dimensional fighter just couldn’t follow the opponent.

it All ended in the third round. Ismailov again transferred the rival to orchestra seats, and this time the referee stopped the beating. Ismailov won, proving that he is able to fight with the soldiers from the heavy division.