Critics of President Donald Trump are again convinced the ‘walls are closing in’ on the US commander-in-chief, excited by reports that his bank complied with a subpoena from New York prosecutors as part of a broad criminal probe.

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that prosecutors looking into Trump’s tax records had subpoenaed his decades-long lender, Deutsche Bank, sometime last year, suggesting the document request was part of an investigation larger in scope than was previously known. The bank reportedly complied with the subpoena, handing over “detailed records, including financial statements and other materials that Mr Trump had provided to the bank as he sought loans,” the Times said.

Simultaneously, a statement from New York State Attorney General Letitia James teased a “major national announcement” on Thursday, though did not elaborate on what it might be.

Taken together, the NYT report and James’ cryptic comment have sent the internet rumor mill into overdrive, with members of the anti-Trump #Resistance musing that the probe would finally lead to the president’s downfall, after scandals from Russiagate to Ukrainegate failed to produce indictments or see him removed from office.

Donald Trump’s day so far:- New York grand jury has had Trump’s Deutsche Bank financial records for months- NY Attorney General Tish James is making a “major national announcement” tomorrow- #ConsequencesForTrump are coming- Trump is going to prison- It’s still only 8pm

Is this it? Feeling optimistic

Some critics were more specific, speculating that Trump would be charged with “bank fraud” and wind up in prison.

Manhattan DA Vance already has Trump’s Deutsche Bank records. He just needs those documents from Mazars to see whether the numbers match. Inflating assets on loan documents = bank fraud.

Some observers were less willing to indulge in guesswork, however, with skeptics, including journalist Yashar Ali, casting doubt on the predictions that Trump would soon be behind bars, recalling the countless forecasts of imminent indictment for the president during the Russiagate probe.

Despite hundreds of press reports and fevered Twitter threads to that effect, no charges were ever forthcoming for the sitting US president, with Robert Mueller’s probe failing to prove a widely-alleged conspiracy with Moscow.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted though. Some day that slam dunk will come along and we’ll all join hands and sing kumbaya.

Others noted that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had recently indicated he was mulling a lawsuit against the Trump administration, proposing that James’ announcement may be related, and have nothing to do with the probe involving Deutsche Bank.

Or, Governor Cuomo, during his weekly COVID briefing on Monday suggested that he was considering suing the feds over not being warned that COVID infected Europeans could be expected to enter the state via NYC airports last winter.

Conservative blogger Mike Cernovich appeared concerned the dire predictions from Trump’s detractors may hold some weight, however, arguing the president could become the victim of a desperate last-ditch politicized investigation ahead of the November election.

Is NY AG announcement going to be the arrest of Donald Trump?

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