With WWE currently one of the only forms of sports entertainment available on TV, WWE’s backstage reporter Charly Caruso is picking up fans with her combination of stunning looks and media savvy.

Caruso, real name Charly Arnolt, has more than 690,000 followers on Instagram, where her bio pretty much says it all.

“WWE. ESPN. In the gym.”

Arnolt somehow manages to balance her life as backstage reporter for the WWE with her role as a presenter for ESPN, where she hosts hot-take discussion show First Take.

Fun day on @firsttake 🤩 @espn

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Sunday vibes//not in Miami anymore, but LA where it is equally as ☀️ not even mad my flight is delayed 9 hours 😛

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Arnolt headed into media straight out of college and after an unhappy stint working in crime journalist, she switched her attention to entertainment, then sports and became a sports journalist in Indianapolis, USA.

A longtime WWE fan, she was invited by a friend to a WWE SmackDown event and took the chance to hand WWE backstage execs her resume. Eventually, it paid off as she earned herself an audition that saw her land her current gig with the WWE.

Stay thirsty, my friends 💦

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WRESTLEMANIA IS UPON US! 🙌🏼 We can just pretend that this is today instead of last year…I mean there are no fans, so why not?! 😉 Who’s watching tonight?! 👀

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Arnolt started out as a ring announcer for NXT, then transitioned to backstage reporter duties and eventually joined the WWE’s big brands, Raw and SmackDown.

Then, just as fans were falling in love with her as “Charly Caruso,” Arnolt revealed she was set to appear on ESPN, sparking fears that she would leave her legion of new fans behind. But she assured fans that she would be working for both brands, dubbing them a “killer combo!”

My kind of Super Bowl! Sporting that Chiefs red 🏈 _____________________________________ #miami ##Super Bowl #southbeach #chiefs #kc #kansascity @1hotels

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RAW ONTARIO GLAM💄: @joannadeemakeup @bfabulous1 @shamrockin77 💕💕 thanks boos! It takes a village people!!

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Somehow, despite balancing two high-profile media careers at the same time, Arnolt also manages to stay in shape with multiple gym sessions, including a punishing weight lifting regimen. Indeed, she showcased her fitness when she competed in Ms. Health and Fitness 2019.

MoNdAy NiGhT rAw CoNtEnT ⚡️⚡️

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Back to back sets of sumo deadlifts at 170lbs 💪🏽 First slide is my second set…even though I was a bit more tired, my form was better because I was more acclimated to all my cues—back tight, lats engaged, externally rotating elbows, pushing knees outward, feet screwed into floor, driving up and contacting butt and quads at top. (Whew! Did you get all that? Lifting is more complicated than people think and it takes years to master!) Although I will say, my celebration was better at end of the first set 🥳…at end of second I was just dead 💀 in this workout, I was doing 2 sets of 6 following by an AMRAP at 70%. 3 rounds. (These were my last sets of 2×6.)

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Her career seems to be skyrocketing, both for ESPN and the WWE, and whether you know her best as Charly Caruso or Charly Arnolt, the future certainly looks bright for the 32-year-old.