That has never been the case with “Germany’s Next Top Model”. In the final, mother and daughter compete against each other for the first time. In the interview, Martina and Lou-Anne explain how they deal with this unusual competitive situation and what they intend to do if they win with the 100,000 euros in prize money.

It was a novelty in the 17th season of the casting show “Germany’s Next Topmodel”: For the first time, ProSieben and Heidi Klum (48) also sent older models, the so-called “Best Agers”, into the race: Barbara (68), Lieselotte ( 66) and Martina (50) measured themselves against the young competition.

Martina made it to the final, which will be broadcast this Thursday evening (ProSieben, 8:15 p.m.). But that alone is not the only special thing. For the first time in GNTM history, a mother-daughter duo made it into the finals. Because in addition to Martina, her daughter Lou-Anne (19) is also fighting for the title. The two Austrians live together in Klosterneuburg and have a close connection, as the show made clear. Differences of opinion remained the exception. There can be stress at home about the daughter’s messy room, as the two revealed.

Little did she know when Lou-Anne applied that her mother had already submitted her own application to appear in Season 17. “Before that, I bullied her every day to do it,” reveals Martina in an interview with “We’ve talked about her participation for years because I didn’t want to go to the casting alone.”

Martina studied psychology, works as a coach and has been a model since she was young. When asked when taking part in the casting show with her daughter got on her nerves and when she saw it as an advantage, she says: “It was difficult to be compared again and again, even though we are completely different. But basically I was just happy to have Lou-Anne with me.”

How do the two deal with the competitive situation in the final, where they compete against Noëlla (25), Anita (21) and Luca (20)? “As a mother, I definitely wish Lou-Anne more than me,” emphasizes Martina. Lou-Anne, on the other hand, says: “Of course, what I want most for myself is to win. After all, it’s a competition and you want to win a competition – regardless of whether someone from your close environment or family is there.” One thing is also clear to the 19-year-old: “If I don’t get the win, I wish my mother for doing it.”

For her, the biggest advantage of participating in the show together was that she was always able to get an honest opinion and tips from her mother. “Cons: I got tips when I didn’t ask for them and I didn’t want any at the moment,” she adds bluntly.

Mother and daughter also disagree on whether the approach this season of pitting older and younger models against each other was the right one. Or should it rather have its own competition – an extra season “Germany’s Next Top Model – Best Ager”?

Martina would like that better: “I do think that a separation would make sense because the market also offers different challenges or opportunities for different age groups. You could then adapt the walks and shootings a little more to the age group, as well as the castings. The assessment of the candidates would probably also be more conclusive.” Lou-Anne, on the other hand, says: “Why split everything up? It’s a diversity show and everything is part of it.”

Were there moments when Martina thought at GNTM that her younger colleagues had an advantage? “Only in terms of energy and looking fresh. I’ve already noticed that the last few weeks in particular have also put a lot of physical strain on me. But that is probably also due to my constitution, which is not designed for continuous performance. I’m more of a sprinter.” On the other hand, she was pleasantly surprised that living together with the young fellow campaigners in the model villa worked so well.

Lou-Anne could definitely be happy about a possible victory for her mother. Because she would also benefit from the €100,000 prize money, as Martina revealed to “I would definitely share with Lou-Anne, because without her I wouldn’t be here, because I probably would never have looked at GNTM and because I really enjoyed this trip with her. She really deserved her share.” Should Lou-Anne win, she would like to “travel a lot – also with my mother” with the prize money. Martina would also have two reasons to be happy.

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