touring platform Russpass talks about the attractions of the capital, which attracted the most interest.

In the Gallery of Ilya Glazunov presents more than 700 works of the artist. Pictures help visitors to immerse themselves in the history of Russian and world art. By the way, the XIX century mansion in Volkhonka, where is the gallery, restored Ilya Glazunov.

In Moscow, lived and worked great scientists-designers, which created spacecraft ready to fly the first group of cosmonauts. The Museum of cosmonautics at VDNKH, one of the largest science museums in the world, you can see a large collection of meteorites, the aircraft, which returned to Earth dogs Belka and Strelka, and more.

The “Multimedia art Museum” showcases the diversity of contemporary art — documentary photography, primitive drawings, experimental exhibits, rare footage of historical Chronicles and postmodern art objects.

On the tour, all visitors can learn the history of the Park, the nuances of its construction, as well as interesting facts about ancient district of Zaryadye. Major tourist attractions of the Park — a soaring bridge and glass Cora. In addition, there are a variety of Russian nature landscapes from the North to the steppes and meadows.

the First cableway was opened in Moscow in the end of 2018. It allows visitors to see the picturesque panorama of the capital and also accessible from Sparrow hills to the sports complex “Luzhniki” in five minutes. The cable car has 35 private cabins, each with eight seats. They are equipped with media screens, led illumination, mount for Bicycle, ski and snowboard.

in addition, the newly opened Skypark Park in Moscow on the Sparrow hills you can visit the new attraction “zip line”, and during the flight to make unusual photographs.

to Learn about other sites, services, and services of Moscow on the site Also there are ready thematic routes through the city.

Russpass digital travel platform which helps tourists to plan the journey to Moscow and Russia depending on the time, interests and travel purposes. One contains the city services and attractions, as well as addresses of museums, parks, restaurants, theatres, cafes, shopping centers. Platform developed at the initiative of the Moscow Government. The project oversees the capital’s Committee for tourism jointly with the Department of information technology.

Moscow will launch a travel portal Russpass