Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone

last week, Camila Morrone celebrated his birthday — model and aspiring actress was 23 years old. The day Camila has been with 45-year-old lover Leonardo DiCaprio, girlfriend Nina Dobrev and other friends on a yacht in Malibu.

On the same day the insider told People that the quarantine relations model and the actor have become even stronger and more serious. The source said that in the period of self-isolation Leo and Camilla were really close and loved to spend time alone.

Usually he is very independent and spends a lot of time with my friends, but due to quarantine it basically all the time was from the Drugstore. He likes to be with her, they are incredibly close,

— said the insider.

Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio

the Source said that in the period of self-isolation DiCaprio for several months has been all day next to the Drugstore that — they experienced the pandemic in his home. He added that Leo seems very serious about his sweetheart.

by the Way, the company Kamila and Leo in isolation also made up two new pet — puppies husky named Jack and Jill. Now the star couple are coming with Pets on walks in Los Angeles and engaged in their training and education.

Camila Morrone
Recall that the first rumors about the novel DiCaprio and Morrone appeared in December 2017. Lovers for a long time tried not to catch the eye of reporters and did not comment on their relationship in the press. In February of this year Leo and Camila debuted as a couple at the ceremony of the award “Oscar”. They refrained from working together on the red carpet, but the hall occupied adjacent seats in the front row and were holding together.

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