The high inflation has triggered a dispute in Formula 1 about raising the spending limit. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner raises the alarm before the Monaco Grand Prix. Soon, some teams would either have to lay off employees or forego racing.

“Seven teams will probably have to skip the last four races to stay within the budget limit,” warned Red Bull team boss Christian Horner. The Brit referred to the sharp rise in energy costs and the maintenance of the racing factories. In addition, the prices for transporting the freight had quadrupled.

The world association Fia must therefore check whether the budget limit set for this season at around 130 million euros per team will be increased, said Horner. Otherwise, some teams would either have to lay off numerous employees or forego racing.

According to media reports, however, several racing teams are opposed to these efforts. Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Haas and Williams voted against a proposal to adjust the spending limit to the inflation rate. Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer suggested saving the elsewhere increased cost in development spending on the cars.

The practice sessions, qualifying and the race from 05/27/2022 to 05/29/2022

In addition to World Cup leader Red Bull, the financially strong top teams Ferrari and Mercedes as well as McLaren are also said to be pushing for an increase in the budget limit. The limit was included in the rules last year to ensure more equal opportunities. Because of the corona crisis, it was lowered again significantly. In the coming year, it will be reduced by a further 4.5 million euros.

Above all, the smaller racing teams are concerned that if the spending limit is relaxed, the top teams in particular will benefit because they would have to limit themselves less than planned. Several of the underdog racing teams are not reaching the limit with their budgets anyway, while the top teams are at least somewhat slowed down by strict spending limits.

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