the Official representatives from Russia and Qatar used bribery to ensure the countries WORLD cup finals tournament in 2018 and 2022.

How does it sound now in a indictment from the us department of justice.

According to the New York Times is the first time that ‘the prosecutor clearly described the plan helped to deliver the votes to Russia and Qatar, so they could be hosts of one of the world’s biggest sporting events’.

The u.s. authorities with the FBI in the lead has for a number of years hunted the corrupt fodboldbagmænd, and according to the new information received, five members of fifa’s absolute top money for to voice, respectively Russia and Qatar as WORLD cup hosts.

the Vote took place in 2010, and has since many times been raised criticism to just the two countries was chosen. Russia was at that time more votes than værtsbud from the Netherlands-Belgium, England and Spain-Portugal while Qatar won more votes than the bid from the UNITED states.

And there is also the names of the allegedly corrupt FIFA people in the attention-grabbing u.s. indictment.

Jack Warner, Trinidad and Tobago, should have gotten five million dollars (35 million) from companies in the UNITED states, working ‘on behalf of’ Russia’s 2018 WORLD cup campaign, to the voice of Russia. Rafael Salguero, Guatemala, should have got a million dollas (seven million dollars) to voice of Russia. Julio Grondona, Argentina, should have been paid to vote for Qatar. He died in 2014. Nicolás Leoz, of Paraguay, had been paid to vote for Qatar. He died in 2019. Ricardo Teixeira, of Brazil, have been paid to vote for Qatar.

the Case, which came out Monday, also includes bribery in connection with the distribution of the tv rights for the same two WORLD cup finals in Qatar and Russia.

It is now well over two years ago that the WORLD cup finals in Russia, was concluded with France as the world champions.Since the infamous vote in 2010 is the upcoming finals, in ørkenstaten Qatar moved to the winter of 2022 (november-december), because it is simply too hot to play football in the summer in the country.