Recall, Federal law prohibits the sale of alcohol in cafes, restaurants and bars located in apartment houses and adjacent territories, if the room area less than 20 square meters. But the regions are entitled to impose additional restrictions, until the closing of such institutions.

In the Urals passion on this issue simmer for a long time: first it was proposed to prevent a “low bar” in residential buildings, then set the minimum floor area at 75 squares. But after a series of business meetings with lawmakers still focused on the figure 45. However, even a more lenient decision will lead to the closure or force employers to convert about 15 percent of the catering, which was mainly due to the sale of intoxicating beverages.

Business was asked to establish a transition period to settle the rental of premises, but the new law does not provide for this. On the contrary, if the project document it was stated that it shall enter into force 30 days after its official publication, after the speaker introduced the amendments this time was reduced three times. That is, a law passed June 30, earns in 10 days.

However, deputies are not inclined to act rashly. Moreover, as Chairman of the regional Duma Dmitry Frolov most affected by the innovations of entrepreneurs proposed the opening of other commercial areas: regional investment Agency was instructed to study the question of allocation for such projects interest free loans one million roubles on each point at the expense of regional means, of course, subject to law and the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance.

Chelyabinsk parliamentarians prepare for the second attack on taverns, disguised as catering. Previously, the Federal rate to 20 squares, set in April, the region is already considered too liberal and used the right to adopt its more stringent: may 28 deputies of regional legislative Assembly have decided that the sales area must be not less than 40 square meters.

the Ministry of agriculture of the region, which is a turn of alcoholic production, together with representatives of power structures organized inspection that resulted in the administrative case for violation of licensing requirements.

– the Federal law was passed, because the issue of sale of alcohol in inhabited apartment houses was very serious, we have repeatedly received complaints from municipalities about such institutions – said Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Chelyabinsk region Alexander Rajewski.

According to him, such institutions exist as an official cover-up dLa trade alcohol. Other activities in the “Nalivaiko” was always a diversion, so as to place the tiny square catering facility, involves not only a retail space but also the kitchen and other ancillary facilities is almost impossible. In the end, from the range of catering they often were the only salty crackers Yes, stockfish is a popular snack to beer.

Many experts see the distribution of cash to the business as usual. But it is well known that demand creates supply, so the merchants often bypass the ban on trade in alcohol after 23 hours, just put in the room table and chair. But tenants who are “lucky” to live near “Nalivaiko”, such an approach fundamentally disagree: the noise late, the aggressiveness of drunken visitors, unsanitary conditions due to the unobtrusive service and the lack of toilets is a serious argument against such establishments.

Now the deputies of the regional legislative Assembly intend to apply to the state Duma with the legislative initiative on introducing amendments to the law “On state regulation of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol”.

– They should give the bodies of state power of the regions the right to establish additional restrictions of time of retail sale of alcoholic beverages in the provision of catering services in the catering facilities, located in apartment houses and adjacent territories, – says the Chairman of the Committee of regional legislative Assembly on economic policy and entrepreneurship Konstantin Zakharov.

He and his colleagues believe that two limitations in the area of service and working time – will provide “Nalivaiko” a reliable barrier.

honest businesses these measures will not hurt, on the contrary, even will benefit the business, since “grey” market players will be less, I agree Alexander Rajewski.

on the other hand, they are aimed at struggle with alcoholism in Russians. According to the Deputy Minister, the current attack on “low bar” is fully consistent with government policy to reduce the abuse of alcohol and prevention of alcoholism among the population. During the period of isolation, this trade was put under the ban, therefore the additional damage from imposing restrictions small business has not suffered. On the contrary, could have time to Orient and restructure objects to open mini-bakeries, pastry shops, hairdresser, organise any other demanded public services. •