In the suburbs bandits broke into the room and stab someone

the Head of the press service GU MVD of Russia Moscow region Tatyana Petrova said that in the night time, three intruders penetrated into one of the adjacent lots on the street Purple. The moment they podgadat a good host was in the bath. There they found him. Threatening the man with a knife, criminals have demanded to give money and valuables. When the owner refused, one of the attackers stabbed him with a knife in hand. Hearing the noise and shouts, the owner’s wife, who was in the house, pressed the alarm button.

Photo: In the suburbs the cyclist was beaten and robbed passers-singles

the call promptly arrived employees of private security of Regardie was immobilized and the two robbers at the scene. One managed to escape with the stolen gold jewelry and watches. The total damage amounted to more than 300 thousand rubles.

the Detainees were natives of one of the republics of the near abroad 34 and 43 years, one of which is earlier repeatedly judged. Moreover, with one of them the victim had met – he caught the bandit already robbed him and took away exactly the same way more than 1.3 million rubles.

a criminal case under article 162 of the criminal code “Robbery”.

the Suspects were taken into custody. Now the police establish the identity and whereabouts of accomplices in the crimes.