on 31 July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which working the Russians over 40 years once a year will be able to get an additional paid day off to undergo a medical examination. The document will start to operate on August 11.

Nilov in comments RT noted earlier, all factions in the state Duma supported the initiative.

“I think that’s right. But only if the clinical examination will take responsibility, – said the head of the Committee. – Not only citizens, but also those that will carry out medical examinations”.

He explained that very often a doctor when the disease is already in a serious stage. “But ideology has to be different, – said Nilov. – You need to take action in the early stages to the disease or to prevent or to stop. It would be easier, cheaper, and from the point of view of human health protection the right approach”.

In this regard, citizens do not have to consider a free from work day “as simply a day off, when the therapist will come just for formalities”, he said.