“this morning, many Russians have received amazing messages on their mobile: “the US state Department offers up to $ 10 million for information about the interference in U.S. elections. If you have information, please contact us”. And then the link to the website of the us diplomatic security. Simply – website security services,” says Zakharov.

As noted in its publication, “the U.S. state Department launched the program “Reward for justice”, the essence of which has nothing to do with noble promises. All primitive as it is based on familiar to us security officials conjunction: came – get. “Get”, of course, glossed over in the is gaining momentum as a financial pyramid. The start of this whistleblowing yesterday gave Mike Pompeo, the current Secretary of state, and former Director of the CIA.”

Zakharov Also notes that “it is accompanied by a quiet but methodical collection of personal data. Any fears or doubts about the cleanliness of such proposals, according to the authors, have lulls do dreams about the reward to 10 million dollars.”

According to the diplomat, “calling for the money to talk about intervention in the American elections, American intelligence agencies blatantly interfering in our lives. What is this if not a real hybrid attack”?

Zakharov proposes to present the reverse situation: “the Russian foreign Ministry speaking directly to the American people and announces the collection of information about the intervention of Washington in Russian internal politics, offering feedback site, for example, the FSO, and then through the American mobile operator sends SMS address. Presented? And now I present it in Washington.”