Two very eventful year of the fourth presidential term of Vladimir Putin noted the undisputed successes of Russia in the international arena, but in domestic policy problems partly opened coronavirus has aggravated the situation of low oil prices, according to respondents RIA Novosti, the state Duma deputies and Federation Council members.

Week marks two years since Putin’s inauguration following the presidential election in 2018.


Power and influence in the world

The past two years become a very important and difficult for Russia, said RIA Novosti member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Oleg Morozov.

"the Sanctions the war on terror in Syria, a high degree of tension in relations with the US, individual European countries, the Ukrainian factor… And in all these conflict zones, Russia looks very dignified and confident. We have become one of the most influential factors in contemporary world politics, and it is an indisputable fact," he says.

Today, no important international question can not be solved without the participation of Russia, said the head of the faction "United Russia" in the state Duma Sergei Neverov.

"Russia’s Prestige continues to grow. No one comes to mind is to call us a regional power, our positive role in the Syrian settlement is accepted by virtually all our partners" – he emphasized.

Russia’s policy on foreign languages not only to strengthen its international profile, but to save from "chaos and disaster" millions of people in Syria and the region, said the Deputy from the Communist party Yuri Afonin, who calls the main achievements of the last two years an independent foreign policy of Russia and strengthening the defense.

"Our government firmly and consistently defended their interests in all areas of international politics. In particular, it is already clear that Russia was able to prevent the destruction of the Syrian state, which clearly made the Western bloc led by the United States. This great humanitarian success measurement: from chaos and disaster to save millions of people", – said the Deputy.


a welfare state and a test of strength

With the new term of Putin especially clear, the social, "even socialist" trend, the leader of the "just Russia" Sergei Mironov.

"This is a reversal of the state to people, to his real problems. In this trend all the key steps and decisions of the President, from "the may decree" to the change of government," he told the Agency.

Significant, Mironov noted that the President’s address to the Federal Assembly for the second consecutive year feature a bright social orientation: this extension program materInskaya capital, and subsidizing mortgages, and the introduction of payments for the first child, and the wide range of demographic measures in General.

At the same time, in his opinion, the situation with the spread of the coronavirus is shown and areas for improvement in social sector related, including the reforms of recent years.

"I Think that the results of the state pandemic approaches in health care will also be reviewed, including at the presidential level" – Mironov has not excluded.

The first Deputy head of the social Committee of the Federation Council Valery Ryazansky also noted the social orientation of domestic policy in recent years, indicating that even in the current difficult times created by the state "substantial reserve funds" allows you to realize its objectives.

"Work the conventional wisdom. Hard to imagine what would we do now without this accumulated potential", – he said to RIA Novosti, suggesting that new financial resources will allow us to continue programs and projects, but with reference to the current situation and needs.

Ryazan also recognized that pandemic showed the need for further development of the health system, including more serious research the causes of these threats.

In Russia now there is a check on the strength of all institutions pass the test the very credibility of citizens, said Morozov.

"it is significant that the President in this crisis is not only not eliminated, not shifted the responsibility on the government and the regions, and directly speaks to the people about measures to exit the crisis and the support of almost everyone who today needs", – said the Senator.

Afonin believes that caused by a coronavirus, the crisis threatens the emergence of mass unemployment and sees as one of the causes of this pension reform and "a number of other liberal reforms in the economy and the social sphere".

"In the near future the most important problem of the country will be massive unemployment. But before this crisis, people older than 50 years have been very difficult to find a job", – said the Deputy from the Communist party.

The Deputy from LDPR Alexander Sherin believes that the problems in overcoming the pandemic of difficulties – in low Executive discipline and that "some unknown force does not want to do what is required of them by the President".

"Even if these forces do not have specific names, first name, patronymic and position, these forces completely understandable, because in live the President puts these people are tasks, and tasks are not implemented," he said.

Work to overcome the whole complex of problems caused by the pandemic, will be the primary concern of the President in the near future I am sure Senator frost.

"And when we talk about the near future, then associate it with him as a national leader who continues to maintain the highest level of confidence of the people," he said.


Request for change

Speaking about Putin in the last two years, not to mention the announced constitutional reform, convinced Neverov. The changes proposed by the President and modified with the participation of leading statesmen and experts, aimed at strengthening the country’s sovereignty, the protection of traditional historical values; for the first time in the text of the Constitution contains the most important elements of social support, he recalled.

"Thanks to the unprecedented level of involvement of citizens in the work on amendments, the final document turned out to be really popular. I am sure that the upcoming nationwide voting, the proposed changes will be supported", – said the Deputy.

According to the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation Andrei Klishas, the country’s achievements over the past years is clearly reflected in the President amendment to the Constitution, which became "a response to wide public demand for social justice and improving the social protection of citizens".

Also, in his opinion, of particular importance are initiatives of Putin for so-called "the nationalization of the elite". "It is an action associated with the de-offshorization of the Russian economy, providing the possibility of transferring Russian business from foreign jurisdictions back to Russia, as well as the latest initiatives of the President aimed at limiting the outflow of Russian capital to countries with preferential tax regimes," recalled Klishas.

Perhaps the key aspect of Putin’s policies is the realization of a complex of measures, directed on increase of trust of citizens to the actions of public authorities, said the Senator. Despite the fact that the result of each taken separately the direction of reform may seem, "at first glance, a minor," relevant decisions under comprehensive consideration allow to create absolutely new model of relations between society and the state, convinced Klishas.

For such changes, in his opinion, include the amendments to the electoral legislation, aimed at increasing transparency in the electoral process and judicial reform initiated by the reform of control and Supervisory activities.